'Little People, Big World' Toddler Ember Roloff Celebrates 2nd Birthday With the Perfect Party

Ember Jean Roloff is officially two years old and the Little People, Big World toddler's parents Audrey and Jeremy couldn't be more in love with their "fiery" kiddo. As the expectant couple celebrated their oldest daughter's big milestone Tuesday, they shared photos of the perfect campfire-themed party on Instagram alongside a detailed update on her growing personality.

Showing off photos of the rustic decor and flame-licked cupcakes, complete with toasted marshmallow topping, Audrey also shared sweet pictures of her family, adding in an adorable video of Ember singing "Jesus Loves Me."

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"Our little Ember Jean girlsie is T W O today," the pregnant TLC alum wrote. "She lights up any room with her warm and fiery presence She loves to sing ... read her books to her babies, go for bike rides and mule rides, play in her kitchen, climb any kind of ladder or rock wall, kick kick kick in the pool, pick and smell flowers, and eat cheese."

Adding that the little girl loves to pray for all her friends and family at night before insisting she and her parents exchange "I Love Yous," Audrey revealed that a stuffed pink fox is her little girl's best friend for now, "Except she pronounces fox like an inappropriate word with a British accent."

"She thinks it's hilarious when she toots now, is very into spinning and making herself dizzy, wants to brush her own teeth and out on her own pants, prefers to be barefoot always, and sticks out her tounge [sic] for me to kiss it better when she bites it If someone is sad or gets an owie she is so quick to offer a hug/kiss and then say 'blow' and show you how to take deep breaths," she continued. "Her personality is so full of color and it's the greatest joy to watch it come more to life."

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Dad Jeremy directed his followers to Audrey's update, but added his own heartfelt message alongside photos of his daughter from brother Jacob's recent wedding reception with new wife Isabel Rock.

"Happy birthday Ember Jean! I have so much fun with you and it's a pleasure being your dad," he added. "You light up the room and peoples moods along with it. I Love you."


Photo credit: Tibrina Hobson / Contributor, Getty