'Little People, Big World' Stars Zach and Tori Roloff Confirm Baby Lilah Is a Little Person

Nearly a month after welcoming their second child together, Little People, Big World parents Tori [...]

Nearly a month after welcoming their second child together, Little People, Big World parents Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff have confirmed that daughter Lilah Ray is a little person. In a new video released by TLC Friday, titled "Meet Lilah Roloff," the couple confirmed that their newborn has achondroplasia, the same form of dwarfism that Zach has.

"Lilah has achondroplasia, dwarfism, so we're two for two on that front," Zach revealed in the video, referring to their 2-year-old son Jackson, who also has the same form of dwarfism as his father.

"Two for two," Tori added with a chuckle.

Although the couple had been very candid throughout the duration of their pregnancy, which they had first announced in May, they had refrained from revealing whether or not their daughter would be a little person. The topic, however, remained at the forefront of fans' minds, and Tori addressed the question in July.

"So everyone keeps asking after seeing the ultrasound of baby girl if she is a little person or average height, and the answer is we don't know, and we won't know until she's born," she told her fans after the questions were prompted by a side-side sonogram images of Jackson and Lilah.

"[You] can find out through an amniotic draw if you&'re having a dwarf or not, but Zach and I opted out of that just because we don't care either way," she continued. "We also just don't have a lot of risk involved with it…We love her and we can't wait to meet her."

"They do track dwarfism from 24 weeks to like 32-ish weeks," she added. "That's when we found out with Jackson, but it's never a diagnosis until they're born."

In November, however, just weeks before Lilah was born, Zach's mother, Amy Roloff, seemingly confirmed that her granddaughter would be a little person.

"She will be a little person," she confirmed to fans in an Instagram video. "And just to give you a quick synopsis, they have a 50/50 chance of having a little person like Zachary, or be an average size person."

"So, I commend Tori, she's a good mom. I also commend her because realizing when you're not used to it, she's going to be the different one in her own family, instead of maybe Jackson or something like that," she added. "I think she is going to be great. She is doing great. And I love how they are both parenting Jackson. I think they're both doing wonderful in how they are doing that."

Dwarfism is a gene that runs in the Roloff family and one that each of Tori and Zach's children have a 50 percent chance of inheriting. The Little People, Big World stars haven't shied away from answering fans' questions about dwarfism, nor sharing the obstacles that they face and overcome together.