'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Skewers Show's Editing: It Looks Like We're 'Always at Each Other's Throats'

Prior to the Season 20 premiere of Little People, Big World, star Matt Roloff spoke about the series on the podcast First Class Fatherhood. And during his time on the podcast, he had plenty to say about how he felt his TLC show portrays him and his family, as InTouch Weekly noted. According to the reality star, the editing on the show paints a specific picture of what life is like for the Roloff family.

Roloff said on the podcast that there is "a lot of [time] compression" in the show. He went on to share that because of this, it makes it appear as though they are "always at each other's throats and it's not quite that way." The TLC personality explained that the show is filmed over the course of eight months and that they air the episodes within eight weeks. While he did express that they capture plenty of "real" moments during the course of filming, there are some episodes that appear to be more intense in nature because there is so much time available to showcase many of the family's moments.

"Let's say Amy [Roloff] and I are arguing about something. We've been getting along for six months and then we have another argument, well they throw those two arguments into one episode," Roloff said, explaining why some might think that they are always arguing with one another. "Just the nature of television really puts out a different impression." Roloff clearly had a lot to say about what viewers see on Little People, Big World. Elsewhere in his interview on the podcast, the father-of-four also shared what he thought about Amy Roloff's 2019 autobiography A Little Me.

"I did get a chance to read the book and, you know, I was disappointed... I didn't think the book was really fair to me," he said. "I thought that Amy, the book for me knowing her real life story and a lot of other things in between, I thought there was some disingenuous nature to the book, which surprised me because Amy is a pretty genuine person typically. But, I think that she left out some pretty major parts of her life that would have thrown a little more balance into the whole story."


"You know, I think she did throw shade at me I don't think it was really fair and it was hurtful, it was actually very hurtful," he added, continuing to express exactly what he thought about his former partner's book. "Took me a while to kind of process it and absorb it and I wish you wouldn't have left out parts that I think would have changed people's perspective on our marriage and the reason that our marriage had troubles."

Roloff and his ex were previously married for 27 years before they split in 2016. Both of them have since moved on, Roloff with Caryn Chandler and Amy with Chris Marek. Based on what's to come in Season 20 of Little People, Big World, it seems as though there will be some drama ahead between the former spouses.