'Little People, Big World' Star Caryn Chandler Addresses Whether She Calls Herself 'Grandma' to Jackson and Lilah

Caryn Chandler is revealing whether or not she refers to herself as "grandma" to boyfriend Matt Roloff's grandchildren Jackson and Lilah. It all started after Chandler shared a sweet photo of the family holding Jackson and Lilah as they gear up for the holidays, when one of Chandler's followers commented on how she's such a "great grandma" to Zach and Tori Roloff's kids. She acknowledged the comment but veered away from calling herself that in a kind reply. She commented back stating she tries not to step on any toes by calling herself that out of respect for Amy Roloff.

"I am careful not to call myself their actual 'grandma,' but I love them just the same," she wrote with a heart emoji.

Roloff posted the same photo but made sure to brag a little on his girlfriend's ability to handle the early Christmas celebrations with the split family saying, "[Caryn] is amazing! She figured out how to hold 2 back to back Early Christmas events with the grandkids so everyone got their own individual attention while still celebrating and sharing as a United family. [Audrey, Tori, Jeremy, Zach] thanks for Sharing your precious family's with grandpa and chacha a little early this season so we can break away from the incoming cold weather and get to AZ where the temps are a bit warmer. We had the two best family Christmas parties ever."

Currently, Roloff and Chandler are in no rush to get engaged. There were speculations on whether they were preparing to walk down the aisle, but they put those rumors to rest and said they're just "enjoying life" at the moment. As for Amy, she is already engaged and announced the exciting news in September as she and fiancé Chris Marek plan to say "I do."


After she was married to Roloff for 27 years, she stated that she "never in a million years thought" she would "be getting married again," but that she hoped for it nonetheless.