'Little People, Big World': Roloff Farms New Strict Rules Revealed for Visitors

There are some new rules in place at Roloff Farms. According to The Sun, there are multiple new signs in place for visitors who have purchased tickets to get a peek of where the Little People, Big World stars work and live. The news comes on the heels of Matt Roloff's announcement that he is no longer selling a small portion of Roloff Farms. Instead, it will now be available for short-term rentals. 

The Sun reportedly obtained this information after an insider visited the farm in person. According to the source, there are signs at the property advising visitors about wildlife, private property boundaries, and running, amongst others. Visitors are only allowed into a small section of the property, which is marked with orange flags. There is also a sign that reads, "Please no wandering beyond this point."

There are other signs on the property, including one that reads, "Off limits beyond this point." Another warns fans, "Beware of bees and wasps." The publication noted that there is a large wagon on the property that was dressed up for the Halloween season. However, Roloff Farms cautioned visitors to stay safe when approaching the wagon, with a sign reading, "Danger, do not climb on the wagon." Guests may not be allowed to climb on the wagon, but there is a hand-crafted airplane playhouse that they could explore. Although, a sign noted that visitors should wait their turn for the chance to explore the area, telling them,  "One person or family at a time, please!"

This information emerged shortly after Matt announced that he was putting a small portion of Roloff Farms up for short-term rentals. Matt announced this new plan for Roloff Farms amid tension between the family members over the sale of it, which has, in particular, led to strife between Matt and his son, Zach Roloff. Matt acknowledged this "PLAN B idea" for Roloff Farms by writing, "We realize this #staycations style homes aren't for everyone but it's my hope many families will be able to pull together and have family reunions in this home. Who knows maybe even our family will reunite one weekend at the old house.. at this point … we are not live yet but working feaverously (sic) to get it ready before year end."