'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Hopes He 'Lives Forever' After Bonding Moment With Granddaughter

Earlier this month, the Roloff family visited Hawaii, creating plenty of unforgettable memories. In one post from the trip, Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff got a chance to bond with granddaughter Ember, and shared the adorable moment with fans.

On May 8, Roloff, 57, shared a video taken by Ember's mother, Audrey Roloff, during the trip. In the video, Audrey followed Roloff as he held Ember's hand and moved along the path in his scooter.

"All my life I wanted to do this... Now I hope I live forever," Roloff wrote in the caption.

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All my life I wanted to do this... Now I hope I live forever.

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The clip was instantly adored by fans.

"This is absolutely precious! If we could only 'freeze time.' I always say the most precious jewels you can put around your neck are the arms of our grandchildren. We are so blessed," one person wrote.

"There is nothing better than being a Grandparent," another wrote.

"How sweet! There is a special bond between an grandparent and grand child. Thank you for this special moment," another wrote.

Several fans were also concerned for Ember, who was walking on the hot path without shoes on. One person even wrote, "All I can think of is please don't run over her toes."

This was just one of many posts Roloff shared from the family's trip to Maui, Hawaii. Roloff was joined by his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, and his son Jeremy Roloff and Jeremy's wife Audrey.

Audrey and Jeremy were in Hawaii for the end of their tour to promote A Love Letter Life, a book about their first three years together, when they were tested by a long-distance relationship. Thankfully they were able to take 1-year-old Ember with them on the trip to Hawaii, since they had to leave her behind for a week in April.

Roloff will soon be welcoming another grandchild, after son Zach Roloff and wife Tori announced they are expecting their second child on May 13. The couple, who are already parents to 2-year-old Jackson, will be welcoming a baby girl, due in November. After the news broke, Roloff wrote, "Grandpa is hitting the lotto!!"

Roloff also shared the news on his Instagram page, adding, "Well well well... what'da know... the little man is going be a big brother to a little sister !! The Roloff family is growing again."

"Can't wait to meet her... I'm sure she will adore her Grandpa just like Jackson does," Chandler wrote in the Instagram comments.

Meanwhile, Roloff's ex-wife Amy Roloff is dealing with social media trolls who criticized her story on LPBW. In the series, she is considering selling the family farm, a plot some fans are finding repetitive.


"I know. That's what we kind of told the producers. We have more to tell," Amy wrote to one fan. "Here's to a possible season 15?"

New episodes of Little People, Big World air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.