'Little People, Big World': Jackson's Birthday Party Sparks Tension Between Tori and Zach Roloff

Planning for baby Jackson Roloff's birthday party brought tension to parents Zach and Tori's marriage during the Little People, Big World season premiere.

The new episode of the TLC reality series saw the family getting together to celebrate the big moment in the baby's life, which led to some tension about money between the parents of the little one.

"I feel like we bicker when we enter each other's realm," Tori told the cameras, as the episode showed the couple fighting about how much food to get for the upcoming celebration.

"We bicker when I try to tell Zachary something about the house, money, building something. But then Zachary every time he tries to talk about food, Jackson or clothes... anything that's in my realm we argue," she added.

The couple's tension stemmed from Zach's concerns about getting too much food and decorations for the party as the family deals with a complicated financial situation, given the purchase of their new home before selling the old one.

As he and Tori revealed to family matriarch Amy Roloff earlier in the episode, the couple was holding their breath for a quick sale on their old home so they could stop paying two mortgages.

During a visit to the new house, Amy expressed her concerns to her son about the fact that if his old house were to not sell quickly he could find himself in serious financial trouble, given all the money he invested into the new home.

"Let's hope the volcano doesn't explode," Amy told Zach, warning him of dire consequences should the old house not sell as he and Tori predict.

Despite the tension, Jackson's camp-themed birthday party went smoothly with Amy reflecting on how the family put all of their stress — the future of the farm and money problems — aside to celebrate the special occasion as a family.

The party saw the return of Jeremy, Audrey and Ember Roloff, as well as other members of the family that don't appear on the show as much anymore.

"I was so happy that they were able to come to Jackson's birthday party," Amy said.

The episode also saw as baby Jackson enthusiastically helped open all of his presents, including at least six from his grandfather, despite earlier warnings from Zach to not go overboard with gifts.

"We're just trying to enjoy every party, every outside moment we can," Tori said as the party came to an end.


Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.