'Little People, Big World' Fans Respond to Amy Roloff Officially Moving off Roloff Farms

Amy Roloff moved out of the family farm, and fans have a lot to say. The Little People, Big World star revealed in an Instagram Story post earlier this week she was leaving the property three years after her divorce from Matt Roloff. The moves comes as the latest season of the TLC series ended with Amy selling her half of the farm to her ex-husband.

"Today's the day!" Roloff said in the now-expired video. "I am moving! Oh boy."

The big news led to massive response from fans on the PopCulture.com Facebook page. Many seemed to still be upset with the couple's separation, as others celebrated Amy finally moving on.

"Sad people seem to be saying mean things about her. She deserves to be heard for her opinions, not just Matt's way. He was a bully. Happy for you Amy, enjoy your independence and with someone who will appreciate you. Wish you and Chris much happiness," one fan wrote in the comments.

"Amy is the best. So happy she is getting on with her life," another user commented.

"So Happy for ya Amy. I know it wasn't easy. But I know in your heart going on to the next chapter in your life is a blessed one," a third user wrote.

"Matt wasn't all that nice to her. He never appreciated her and he refused to go on any family trips. He did get happy enough to lose his drivers license for a while," another user commented.

Amy and her fiancé Chris Marek reportedly bought a new home in Oregon back in September. The reality television personality will not be far, as Radar Online reported in November the home is 15 minutes away from the farm.

The two-story home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, so there is plenty of room for visits from her children and grandchildren. The new home reportedly cost $588,500.

"Guess what? Having a little fun," Roloff wrote in November, confirming the couple's purchase. "In the adventure of seeing what's out their in the furniture world- dining table, chairs, couches, tables... it's a little intimidating the many choices and what do I like. I hope I'll know when the time is right... My Friday night."


It has been a roller coaster year for Amy. Along with her engagement, the reality television star will be celebrating her first Christmas with ought her mother, Patricia Knight.

"I must admit I haven't handled the collision of all these wonderful and sad emotions and life moments all at once as gracefully as I had hoped or wanted," Roloff wrote in a lengthy Instagram note on Nov. 14. "That's where faith and grace showed up for me because I let it. It was a lot of stuff to handle for me and I'm realizing I really don't handle stress as well as I had thought. I've learned to give myself a little more grace which allowed me to look at a new day with a better attitude and see how much I have to be grateful and thankful for and still do."