'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Faces Criticism for Wedding Photo With Boyfriend Chris Marek

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is facing criticism over a wedding photo she took with [...]

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is facing criticism over a wedding photo she took with boyfriend Chris Marek, and while true fans of the reality star will likely be surprised at how minor the controversy really is, others had a major problem with one aspect of her wardrobe. In a collection of photos shared to her Instagram from her son Jacob's wedding, Roloff features a snapshot of herself posing with Marek in their wedding attire, and soon many took the comments section to chide her for wearing a pair of brown sandals with a silver dress.

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"Just a few more photos from the celebrating the love of Jacob and Isabel from their wedding," Roloff wrote in the post caption. "I'm so blessed. It was a beautiful wonderful day a beginning of a life long journey together."

Almost immediately taking notice, some of her followers began to call her out for the abstract choice as many suggested the outfit did not match.

"Amy your shoes don't match your dress," one person commented, while another wrote, "Wow, u Truely (sic) wore Old Sandals with that dress to ur Sons Wedding?? Great Call...Mom!!"

However, while some felt it was necessary to focus on what they perceived as an unmatched outfit, others opted to compliment Roloff on her beautiful family and their big day.

"Oh Amy, that is so precious the picture of you and your baby. And then he will be bringing you grandbabies to love and hold also. Blessing the whole family and their significant others," one fan said. "I really love you guys. Watching the kids grow up and all of the really neat things that you did for them. I hope you are proud of yourself because you have taught them to be wonderful adults. Great mother!"

"Nothing hits you straight to the heart like seeing pure joy on your child's face. To watch them marry the love of their life is a precious gift. So happy that you have had that with all your children," another fan wrote. "Oh, and you and Chris look amazing together. He makes you happy and it shines from inside"

"These are so very beautiful Amy. So many memories over the years watching from the beginning.... thinking of Jacob ... always wondering if he would make it .... he sure did. He pins a beautiful lady in Isabel. They found each other," someone else gushed.

Roloff didn't respond to anyone regarding the comments.

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