Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Pilar Addresses Pregnancy Speculation in Photo With 'Rugrats' Crop Top

Leland Chapman's wife, Jamie Pilar, is shutting down pregnancy speculation after Dog the Bounty Hunter family member's retro-themed crop top photo drew a question of whether she was expecting from one blunt commenter. Sharing a photo of herself in a bubblegum pink Rugrats hoodie and white sweatpants, Pilar wrote simply, "Today's outfit you guys had requested to see," tagging the clothing company in the photo.

One commenter zeroed in on Pilar's exposed stomach, however: "Awwwww looks like you got a baby belly going on?!!!! Looking hawt!!"

But the reality personality responded simply, "[Laughing out loud] nope just fat," adding a crying laughing emoji.

Another follower was on the same wavelength: "I see the baby bump!" only for Pilar to add, "Yes a baby bump of some pineapple upside down cake and [Jeni's Ice Cream]!"

Pilar's Instagram followers were quick to applaud her cheeky response and chastise the nosy questioners.

"Class up girl. You never ever say that unless your 100%...." one person wrote, as another advised, "damn, us skinny girls can't even have a little pudge!! Leave us Alone!"

Yet another chimed in, "That is so rude and damaging to people. You may not have meant to offend but some people may not be as strong to laugh that off."

Luckily, it appears not to have affected Pilar, who went on to reply to a number of other messages from her fans with her signature good humor.


"Make Leland wear it. I'll pay for that picture.... imma post it," one fan wrote, with Pilar responding, "You should of stopped at 'make Leland...' [laughing out loud]."

Photo credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Electus