Lana, Rusev Clash on 'Total Divas' Over Her Unwillingness to Get Pregnant

Lana and Rusev may play for the same team in the WWE ring, but they're on different pages when it comes to having kids.

The WWE Diva and and her husband of a year clash repeatedly over Lana's unwillingness to get pregnant in Wednesday's episode of Total Divas after Rusev brings up the issue before the couple thows a house party for their co-workers.

"I literally use my body for my career," Lana responds. "I can't just have a baby, then jump back in the ring. It's at least two years off."

Rusev, frustrated, promises that they'll talk later once they're not setting up for their get together. But once the party gets started and the liquor starts flowing, Lana brings up the issue of children again.

"I am not ready to have children," she tells the group of WWE stars.

"Don't talk to them about this," Rusev says, pulling his wife aside.

"Awkward!" Nia Jax says in a brief confessional.

Alexa Bliss echoes her fellow Diva: "This is a really personal topic to bring up at a party, so I don't know if there's something that's a deeper issue," she says. "I'm personally staying out of that one."

Later, when the group is hanging out on a boat, Lana brings up the issue again, joking that if she gives Rusev a pet pig like Bliss', he might be slower to want a baby.

"The piglet can be our baby," she jokes.

"I want a real f—ing child," he replies.

She fires back, all joking gone in her voice: "It's not happening."

"What do you mean it's not happening?" her husband replies,

"I'm not having a child right now," she declares resolutely.

She continues in a confessional: "He doesn't get it. Do I look like I'm ready to be a mother?"

Later, at home, Rusev is sulking over their last fight when Lana confronts him again.

"I feel like my career's just starting," she says. "The things that I worked so long to get to, I finally am achieving right now, so I just feel like it will put a stop to all of it"

"Will you still love me if I can't [get pregnant] or won't?" she continues.

"Or won't?" Rusev questions.

Lana admits in a confessional, "Marriage is about compromise, meeting each other in the middle, but at the same time, not only am I not ready and cannot have [a baby] right now ... we are not ready to raise this child."

Concerned about Rusev working all the time and not wanting to be an absentee mother, Lana and Rusev discuss the issue with cooler heads one more time.

"That's not the way I ever envision having a family and having children," she tells her husband. "I mean I want children, but at the same time I want to connect with my child."

Rusev, now understanding where his bride is coming from, acquiesces.


"Well, we'll wait," he agrees, wrapping her in a hug.

Photo credit: WWE