Kylie Jenner and Boyfriend Travis Scott Reportedly 'Excited About the Baby'

A new report reveals that Kylie Jenner and her rapper Boyfriend Travis Scott "are absolutely still together and excited about the baby," according to a source close to the couple.

"Kylie can't wait for the baby to be here," the source continued, per PEOPLE. "Since getting pregnant, she has changed her life a lot. She is getting bored spending so much time at home."

Additionally, the source said that 20-year-old Jenner would like to be able to spend more time with 25-year-old Scott, but his touring schedule makes it difficult.

"Kylie and Travis spend very little time together. Kylie is not happy about it. She wants Travis to be around more and help [with] preparing for the baby. But Travis only has a few more tour dates left, and then he is off for the holidays," the source said. "Kylie is hoping he will step things up once the tour is finished."

Jenner and Scott are said to welcome a baby girl in February, while Jenner's older sister Khloe Kardashian will also reportedly give birth to a baby boy sometime in the spring of 2018.


Nevertheless, the two women are going to great lengths to hide their baby bumps from the public and in order to play coy with fans, both of them have been doing things like wearing baggy clothes in public and carrying large bags in front of their torsos, in order to block the view of their growing baby bumps.

Another one of the most frequently used tricks, especially by Jenner, is to take up-close selfies, which typically only shows the mogul from the shoulder and above, in order to keep from revealing any baby bump growth.