Travis Scott Already Selling Mugshot T-Shirts After Arrest

Scott isn't fretting over being booked.

Travis Scott is taking his later arrest in stride. The Miami Beach Police Department confirms to Entertainment Tonight that the rapper, whose real name is Jacques Webster, was taken into custody for allegedly trespassing and alleged disorderly intoxication. Kylie Jenner's ex was held at the Miami-Dade County Jail on a $500 bond for the alleged trespassing and on a $150 bond for alleged disorderly intoxication. The police report noted there was a "disturbance" on one of the yachts in the Miami Beach Marina. It also notes that Scott was "standing by the dock yelling at the vessel's occupants." 

The rapper was asked to sit down, which he did, but stood back up. Police smelled "a strong smell of alcohol" coming from the rapper's breath. He left the marina and returned within five minutes. Scott was asked to leave multiple times and warned not to return, but he didn't listen. When asked if he had been drinking, Scott reportedly told police, "It's Miami." 

He took to X (formerly Twitter) on June 20 but didn't mention an arrest. "6 days to circus Maximus tour. For the record I'm going. Ham," he wrote.  Another message read, "Lol."

Later on the same day, Scott took to his Instagram Story to post a picture of his mugshot. He also announced he is selling T-shirts with his mugshot with the slogan, "It's Miami." Proceeds will go to his foundation, Cactus Jack.

Scott has had a number of legal issues and has been laying low since the AstroWorld tragedy, which left 10 people dead at his Texas music festival. He later split from longtime on-again-off-again love, Jenner, with whom he shares two children with. Scott reached settlements in the AstroWorld festival victims. 

"Mr. Scott is grateful that a resolution has been reached without the need for a trial," said Ted Anastasiou, a representative for the rapper, per The Associated Press. "The confidential agreement will honor Madison Dubiski's legacy and promote improvements for concert safety."