Kylie Jenner Reportedly 'Wants the Best' for Former Best Friend Jordyn Woods Following Cheating Scandal

Kylie Jenner is moving on from the Jordyn Woods drama. Five months after the former besties' relationship fell apart after Woods' involvement in the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul is reportedly keeping things positive.

Woods was caught kissing the Cleveland Cavaliers payer in February, which led to the end of his tumultuous relationship with Khloé Kardashian.

The drama reportedly inspired Jenner to rethink the relationships in her life.

"[Kylie] realized there were moments in her life that it was just her family and Jordyn [and] she had become codependent... She has a great network she wasn't seeing," a source told Us Weekly.

"She'll always care about Jordyn and she only wants the best for her," they added. "She's only sending positivity to Jordyn, but it's too soon to say [if] they'll be able to fully reconcile. But time heals a lot of wounds, and the Kardashian/Jenners are a forgiving family."

The new report comes as Keeping Up With the Kardashians released a teaser for its latest season, in which Jenner reflected on the controversy that ended her friendship with the social media influencer.

"I think that this whole Jordyn situation needed to happen for a reason. For me, for you, for everybody," Jenner said in the clip. "[Jordyn] was my security blanket. She lived with me. We did everything together. I just felt like, 'Oh, I have Jordyn. I don't need anything else.'"

Kardashian listened as Jenner reflected on her need to grow and step out of her comfort zone.

"Sometimes people are there for certain reasons at certain times in your life and then not there for others," Jenner told Kardashian.

Despite her charged emotions in the direct aftermath of the scandal, Kardashian seemed supportive of her sister's words about Jordyn.

"I really respect in you that you're really good at being calm even when you probably do want to scream at someone," Khloe told her sister before calling her "inspiring."

"Everything's supposed to happen for a reason," Kardashian added. "I feel like this is the season to filter through the bulls--t. And you know, only the strong and loyal will survive."

Kardashian has been open about her struggles co-parenting with Thompson after the scandal, repeatedly saying that her priority is for her daughter, True Thompson, to have the best life possible.


"I think Tristan and I broke up, like, five months ago, so it's still sometimes awkward, but I think we're both doing a really good job," Kardashian told the outlet recently. "I mean, whenever he wants to see her, he can."

Keeping Up With the Kardashians will return this fall on E!