'KUWTK': Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Receive Surprising Revelation During Bali Trip

During this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family is in Bali, where they visited a local healer named Mas Joko. While Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian underwent physical changes during their visit, Kourtney Kardashian got some surprising news about her relationship with Scott Disick.

In a preview clip, Kim and Khloe push their older sister to discuss what Joko did during her session.

"Scott came in, and the guy was basically saying, 'In a past life, that we were together and that we're soul mates,'" Kourtney said, much to Kim's shock. "He's like, 'You have to decide if you want to be together or not be together.'"

"What?" Kim and Khloe said in disbelief.

"I'm surprised from Kourtney's recap because Kim and I literally got nothing emotionally from our reading," Khloe said in a confessional.

"They've got such deep information," Kim added.

"You didn't even want this, and we didn't even get that," Khloe said.

While Kourtney was not that interested in meeting Joko, Kim and Khloe were, and their sessions with him went very differently. Joko convinced Kim to cut off some of her long hair extensions for healing, while Khloe had negative energy sucked out of her kneecap with a straw.

"This is definitely not what I thought was going to happen during this reading," Khloe told the camera. "The straw-sucking with my knee... I didn't know all of that was happening."

"I think I was looking more to connect with people that had passed on," Kim admitted afterwards. "I think it was just a different kind of reading than I expected."

Kourtney, 40, and Disick, 35, dated for nearly a decade before breaking up in 2015. They are parents to three children, Mason, 9; Reign, 4; and Penelope, 6. While Disick has moved on with Sofia Richie, the two are still on good terms, with Disick recently releasing a sweet video to celebrate Kourtney's 40th birthday. Disick has also joined the Kardashians on vacations, including the Bali trip.

"We love you so much, we appreciate everything you do for us, you are a wonderful, wonderful mom. We wanna see you get older and shrink and get smaller," Disick said in the clip with their children, adding, "Anyway, we love you very much. Everything is awesome about you mom, we love you very much, happy 40th!"

In a previous episode of KUWTK this season, Kourtney defended bringing Disick along on the Bali trip, praising him for being in "full dad mode."

"Being able to be together with our kids, I couldn't be happier that I'm on this trip," Disick said in the episode. In another scene, he told Kourtney, "We've always said that we're gonna try to be family. This is as close as we can get."


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Photo credit: E! Network