Kim Kardashian Cuts Her Hair During Bali Healing Ceremony in 'KUWTK' Clip

Sunday's new Keeping Up with the Kardashians will see Kim and Khloe Kardashian head to Bali for a little healing and a smidge of adventure. The sisters pay a visit a world-renowned local healer named Mas Joko, getting him to apply his talents to Khloe's body and Kim's hair according to PEOPLE.

For both sisters, it turned out to be a revealing and special experience. It also didn't play out anything as they expected it to, even if everybody back home raved about the healer.

"Mas Joko has come so highly recommended -- people from the United States fly to Bali to see this man," Khloe says in the preview clip.

Kim then adds that she loves "connecting with the spirit world" and she "believes in everything."

They likely question this a bit after the treatments begin. Khloe goes first and ends up lying down while Joko massages her legs and feet. Then he starts to sense negative energy and goes in with a straw, first to her kneecap and then elsewhere, sucking in the air and negative energy before spitting it out into a nearby bowl.

"This is definitely not what I thought was going to happen during this reading," Khloe tells the camera later. "The straw-sucking with my knee -- I didn't know all of that was happening."

All of this straw sucking comes before her recent string of poor luck, when she could likely use a big straw sucking healing session.

Kim follows next and gets a different treatment. Instead of focusing on a massage and removal of negative energy, Joko wants some of Kim's hair to take care of her "problem with stomach acids." She is forced to reveal to him a sad truth about her hair soon after.

"It's fake though," Kardashian tells the healer and his assistant. "Does it matter if this is not my real hair? It's extensions."

To satisfy the healing experts, Kim decides to just snip of it of her real hair near the back of her neck.

"I think I was looking more to connect with people that had passed on," Kim tells the camera in the clip. "I think it was just a different kind of reading than I expected."

Khloe has a funnier comparison than her sister.

"I really felt like I was in a time-out like we were misbehaving," Khloe said.


Meanwhile, most people here in America can only dream of going to get some form of healing from Bali. They're too busy standing in line for the blood pressure machine at the Walmart.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on E! Entertainment Television.