'Kings of Pain' Star Adam Thorn Is a Bloody Mess After After Python Strikes His Arm During Show

If you've ever wanted to see a couple guys get bit and stung by some of the most dangerous animals on earth, then you're in luck. History Channel has created a new series called Kings of Pain that follows biologist Adam Thorne and professional animal handler Rob “Caveman” Alleva around the globe to find out which animals can inflict the most pain.

In a teaser for the show, Thorne and Alleva are seen traveling to Indonesia to get intentionally bit by a reticulated python. Before the bite, Thorne says, "the damage this thing can inflict is massive. The best outcome is big puncture wounds in our arm that bleed a lot. Worst case scenario? We could die." He then puts on a facemask and helmet and lets the 16-foot snake go to town on his arm.

After the bite, his arm is bleeding pretty badly, as expected. It's unclear exactly what level of medical attention he required as the video cuts off before we find out.

History Channel says the goal of the show is to create a comprehensive index of pain that could help save lives. "In 1983 entomologist Dr. Justin O. Schmidt began ranking stinging insects on a scale from 1-4, putting himself in harm’s way for science creating the Schmidt sting pain index and authoring the book The Sting of The Wild," History writes on its website.

"Now Thorn and Alleva are taking Schmidt’s pain index even further adding venomous bites and more deadly creatures and ranking them on a 30-point scale with new categories including intensity, duration and damage. Their goal is to create history’s ultimate and fully comprehensive guide to measuring pain. In addition, they will be consulting with Schmidt as they build this new pain index that is completely new to science to be used as an educational tool showcasing which creatures humans should avoid and what to do in the event they do get bitten or stung."


The two will track and capture different animals on each episode and then let it bite or string them so they can rank it on the 1-30 scale. Other animals featured include the Nile monitor lizard, executioner wasp, fire urchin, rove beetle, lionfish, scorpion fish, bullet ant, piranha, tarantula hawk and giant Asian centipede.

Kings of Pain premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 12.