Kate Gosselin's 'Braces off Party' for Her Daughter Brings out the Worst of the Internet

Kate Gosselin's "Braces off Party" for her daughter ended up bringing out the absolute worst of social media.

On Wednesday, the mom of eight took to Instagram to share a post of the celebration Leah Gosselin was having after getting her braces taken off. "Somebody got their braces off today! #CongratsLeah #BracesOffParty #GosselinTradition #BracesOnBracesOffConstantHere," the 42-year-old wrote beneath the picture of the teen surrounded by treats she couldn't eat with braces on. She was all smiles for the camera.

But it didn't take long for so-called fans of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star to begin criticizing the celebration.

"Stupid," one person candidly commented.

"Collin doesn't get braces," wrote another, referring to Leah Gosselin's brother, who is enrolled in a program that assists children with special needs.

But their criticism didn't stop there, some even going on to attack the 13-year-old.

"Are her teeth stained or does she have clear brackets on??" one person questioned.

Another commenter brought another one of the sextuplets into the mix, writing "omg I thought that was mady no wonder she gets the tude from"

Not everyone was so critical, though.

"Awww I love that you had all the treats your not suppose to eat when you have braces ready for her! Such a good mom!"


"Omgosh, how cute it this!!!!!!!! You're such a thoughtful Momma!!!!!"

This isn't the first time one of Gosselin's posts have faced backlash. In November, a family photo she shared showing Aedan, Alexis, Hannah, Leah, and Joel dressed in Halloween costumes caused fans to question her parenting skills, many asking where Collin was.