Kailyn Lowry Takes Down Jenelle Evans in Fiery Tweetstorm

Kailyn Lowry is calling out Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans' hypocrisy.

Lowry reacted strongly when a fan sent her a screenshot of an article Evans had posted on her Facebook questioning the paternity of her youngest son Lux.

Evans has previously served several of her Teen Mom 2 castmates (and her own mother) with cease and desist letters claiming they have made "false and defamatory" statements about her in the past.

"Jenelle don't ever f---ing try to scare me with a cease & desist when you're posting this BULLS---," she tweeted at Evans.

"How do you violate your own cease & desist?" she continued minutes later.

When a fan suggested Evans isn't posting the articles herself, and that it's part of a paid sponsorship partnership with the website, Lowry admitted she does the same thing, which is what Evans had a problem with earlier.

"Ok so how does she send me one for the same thing... if it's not me, why am iiiiiiii getting the [cease and desist]?" she concluded.

Evans has been mostly silent about her legal threats towards her MTV peers, but defended them in an Instagram comment section last week.


"It's funny all of you think the cease and desist letters were 'solely' about writing articles? Lol .... uhm no," she responded to one fan. "If I sent out letters it's because they were speaking false statements on social media that was slandering my name. Everyone doesn't care to mention the truth because they want to make themselves look like the 'good' ones. And by the way... I don't control or write any of those articles posted to my social media pages. If it wasn't for me none of the teen mom would have ads on their [Instagram] stories lol."

Photo credit: MTV