Jon Gosselin Shared Photo of 13-Year-Old Daughter and Someone Actually Asked for Her Number

The Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl for the first time ever calls for celebration — even for Jon Gosselin. The once Jon & Kate Plus 8 star shared a rare photo with his daughter while the two cheered on the Eagles.

#pjsgameday Go 🦅 E-A-G-L-E-S

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In the photo, Gosselin, his 13-year-old daughter Hannah, and Gosselin's girlfriend Colleen Conrad are celebrating the Eagles' win behind a giant Instagram cutout at a Philly watering hole.

"Go E-A-G-L-E-S," the dad of eight wrote in the caption.

Many of Gosselin's fans were excited to see Hannah all grown up, with comments like "Hannah looks so grown up and pretty" and "So glad to see you happy and with your kids."

However, the comment section took a creepy turn when one of Gosselin's followers asked for Hannah's phone number after Gosselin told them she was just 13.

"How old is Hannah?" user @nisacutee asked, adding the word "Pretty" with a lips emoji.

After Gosselin responded in the comments that Hannah is 13, @nisacutee asked, "Can I have their contact number?"

Needless to say, Gosselin was having no part in that, answering with a firm "f— no!!!"

Another commenter came to Hannah's defense, calling out @nisacutee by saying "@nisacutee wtf?!"

Gosselin rarely posts photos of his children on social media, and now we might have the answer as to why.

Gosselin shared the photo months after police intervention was required during a custody dispute between him and ex-wife Kate Gosselin over Hannah.

Jon Gosselin's mom, Pamela Gosselin Castello, witnessed the altercation in which Hannah was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after the reality star parents disagreed about who should take her home from the dentist's office.

"I would never have believed that a scene could be so horrible until I witnessed the custody exchange myself," Castello told In Touch. "How can a judge allow physical force to remove a child?"

Castello called into question the Dancing With The Stars contestant's mental stability.

"Kate thinks there is nothing wrong with her, so she would never subject herself to going to therapy," she said. "But she needs psychological help."

In addition to Kate, Castello believes that the entire Gosselin family should have their mental state assessed by medical professionals.

"After eight years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills, there should be a psych evaluation for the whole family," she said. "And after everything that has happened, I demand a psych evaluation for Kate."


Castello added that the 42-year-old mother forces the children to say in unison that they will not see Jon, 40.

"Hannah told me that Kate made her and her brothers and sisters all chant, 'We will not visit Jon,'" Castello said. "Not even, 'We will not visit Daddy.' She makes them say 'Jon.'"