Joe Biden Consoles Meghan McCain, Vows 'We Are Going to Beat This Damned' Cancer

Things got emotional when Joe Biden appeared on The View on Wednesday morning. The former Vice President shared a moment with Meghan McCain while they discussed her father's brain cancer diagnosis.

"We're like two brothers who were somehow raised by different fathers or something," Biden said of Sen. John McCain, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the same kind of brain cancer that killed Biden's son, Beau.

Biden moved chairs to sit next to McCain, who was tearing up while she talked about her father's illness.

McCain and Biden held hands and both started tearing up when the former vice president talked about the hope that his son kept alive even after getting "this devastating diagnosis, like your dad."

"There are breakthroughs that are occurring now, and it can happen tomorrow," Biden said.

"So there is hope. And if anybody can make it, your dad [can]," he continued to applause from the audience. "Her dad is one of my best friends."

Biden told McCain that her father is seeing one of the doctors his son consulted after being diagnosed with glioblastoma and that breakthroughs in glioblastoma cancer research are close.

"I swear, guys, we are going to beat this damned disease. We really are," he said.

Biden also spoke about the courage John gave his son Beau during his battle with glioblastoma.

"One of the things that gave Beau courage was John. Your dad took care of my Beau. Your dad...became friends with Beau. And Beau talked about your dad's courage. Not about illness but about his courage," Biden said.


"I know if I picked up the phone tonight and called John McCain and said, 'John I'm at Second and Vine in Osh Kosh. I need your help. Come,' he'd get on a plane and come. And I would too," Biden said.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ABC