Jill Duggar Reveals She Uses Non-Hormonal Birth Control With Husband Derick Dillard

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is opening up about her birth control practices in a new Q+A video in which [...]

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is opening up about her birth control practices in a new Q+A video in which the former Counting On star and her husband, Derick Dillard, candidly discussed their decisions to move away from some of the Duggar's more conservative beliefs. Jill, who shares son Samuel Scott, 3, and Israel David, 5, with Derick, revealed that she and her husband use non-hormonal birth control.

"We use birth control, but we prefer to use non-hormonal birth control methods because we don't want to use anything that could potentially cause an abortion," said Jill in the video. "I think there are probably uses for hormonal birth control for like regulating things and stuff like that, but for us we just want to be careful about that."

Explaining that they are more "natural-minded," Jill said she wanted to "steer clear" of any "longer-lasting effects" from hormonal birth control: "Eventually we want to have more kids and stuff, Lord willing, so we don't want to mess too much with all of that and potentially cause problems." Derick chimed in, "We'll probably stop using birth control whenever we want to get pregnant."

Jill has been open about her decision to step away from some of her family's stances, including her decision to drink alcohol, wear pants, get a nose ring and go to therapy. "We haven't changed who we are as people. ... As Christians, we want to have the Bible to be our standard," Jill explained. "But I think like just growing as people and the whole 'leave and cleave' thing, which I know we've talked about before, has been helpful."

The former TLC star said she has also come to a place of "being OK with other people not being OK, only to a certain degree. You don't just want to like not listen to anyone. But the people who are good role models to you, other fellow believers, people that are in your group, you want to listen to them, listen to their cautions, listen to that, get advice — wise advice."

With "more research," Jill said her views have "changed a little bit," but are still based on the Bible, just a different interpretation of the words. Regardless of the smaller decisions in life, Jill explained that her family's "ultimate goal is still to glorify God in our actions, in everything that we do and our decisions that we make."