'Jersey Shore' Star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's Probation Details Revealed

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is technically free from prison following his 8-month sentence for tax evasion. But according to Radar, the Jersey Shore star has some strict probation rules to follow in order to stay breathing the free air.

Sorrentino was released from FCI Otisville on Thursday and was ready to party from the moment he stepped foot outside the complex, with his wife and Jersey Shore friends waiting to jump in. The reality star shared GIFs and photos on social media, spoke out about his release with PEOPLE and filled up with his favorite pizza. MTV cameras were on hand from the moment Sorrentino was released as well, so fans should have a view of the entire celebration.

One thing we didn't know until now were the circumstances behind the reality star's release and his probation requirements. Radar Online dug in a bit and discovered the facts of his post-release agreement, including drug and alcohol use.

"You must refrain from the illegal possession and use of drugs, including prescription medication not prescribed in your name, and must submit to urinalysis or other forms of testing to ensure compliance," court papers stated according to Radar Online.

On top of that, Sorrentino must submit to a drug test within 15 days of his supervised release and follow with two more at times determined by his probation officer. He also has 72 hours from his release to report to his designated probation office and also needs to refrain from committing any federal, state or local crimes.

Sorrentino's probation will last for two years and the conditions listed above only last for the duration of that supervised release. He will also be required to complete 500 hours of community service.

"The Situation" will then need to undergo treatment on an outpatient of inpatient basis according to Radar Online.

"You must undergo treatment in a mental health program approved by the U.S. Probation Office until discharged by the Court," the court documents read.

Alongside all of the above, there are plenty of financial rules for the reality star to follow in relation to his release. He must provide the probation office with his full financial records upon request, including income, expenses, assets, liabilities and his yearly tax returns. He also cannot open any checking accounts without prior approval of the U.S. Probation Office and send in monthly income statements.

The Jersey Shore star will also need to maintain full-time employment, live in a home approved by his probation officer, cease contact with someone engaged in criminal activities and he can't own a firearm.


That's a lot of hoops to jump through, but has to be worth it given his feelings on being released. Not being behind prison bars is worth a lot.