'Jersey Shore': Angelina Pivarnick Hospitalized

Angelina Pivarnick is "not doing well" after hospitalized earlier this week. Asking for "whomever is calling me and texting me [to] give me time to respond," the 35-year-old Jersey Shore star told fans on Tuesday that she was admitted to the hospital due to high stress.

Pavernick provided the heath update via her Instagram Story, writing, "In the hospital." She went on to inform her fans that she was "not doing well at all." The MTV star added, ""I need to get better. My health comes before everything else," before going on to post a short video showing her lying in a hospital bed hooked up to what appeared to be an IV, according to PEOPLE. In another follow-up post, Pavernick detailed a bit of her heath scare, again explaining that her hospitalization was the result of stress.

"My immune systems [sic] been super low from all the stress I've endured the past couple of months. I wish this pain on no one in this entire world. I hope this too shall pass and I hope brighter days are ahead of me," she explained. "Stress is definitely a killer. No one lives in my bones and can understand the amount of pain I've endured lately."

Pivarnick's hospitalization comes amid her ongoing divorce from Chris Larangeira, her husband of two years. In February, The Sun confirmed that Larangeira, 42, filed for divorce in New Jersey, citing "irreconcilable differences." Pivarnick previously filed for divorce in January 2021 before the case was eventually dismissed in September. The couple's divorce came amid allegations of infidelity on Pivarnick's side, and the reality personality previously confided in co-stars Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Deena Cortese about the struggles she was having in her marriage.

"It's like, we'll fight and then whoever starts the fight won't want to bang," she said during a Family Vacation conversation. "So he don't want to bang, I don't want to bang, no one wants to bang... I'm not perfect by any means. I'm not the most perfect wife ever. I yell at him, I'll belittle him sometimes. I feel like we're both wrong. But see how I'm admitting it to you? He won't ever admit that he's wrong."


In March, Pivarnick filed a response requesting that her marital settlement agreement be enforced and her ex be compelled to adhere to a confidentiality agreement. Pivarnick asked that Larangeira be prohibited from "disparaging her and from releasing details of their marriage to third parties and or through social media, the press, any members associated with the Jersey Shore," and also asked for any further relief that the court may deem equitable and just. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star and sanitation worker first began dating in 2016 and got engaged in 2018, tying the knot the following year in a televised wedding.