'Jeopardy!' Bashed for Spoiling Who Won Invitational Tournament

Fans pointed out that the TV listings for 'Jeopardy!' indicated that the Invitational Tournament wouldn't go beyond game three.

Jeopardy! has been making some mistakes lately, including a typo with a clue about The Simpsons and spoiling Celebrity Jeopardy!, and now it seems the long-running game show is getting bashed for yet another spoiler. According to The Sun, contestant Victoria Groce came out on top against Amy Schneider and Andrew He. During the episode, Groce or Schneider could have won since the two were tied, while He could have brought the tournament to another round.

However, fans noticed on a TV listing that although the Invitational Tournament was on Tuesday, Apr. 9, regular Jeopardy! resumed the following day. They pieced together that Groce or Schneider would be winning, and even though it wasn't a complete spoiler since they didn't know who, it was just the fact that since it was going back to regular Jeopardy!, that meant that He wouldn't be winning.

At the very least, the episode did come pretty close between Groce and Schneider, with He even coming in close as well. As usual, it did come down to the final round. While all three contestants were correct, Groce wagered $8,601 of her $11,400, eventually winning the game and tournament with $20,001. While there was always the possibility that the TV Guide could have been wrong about there not being a fourth episode of the Invitational Tournament, of course, it was right.

Jeopardy! fans are not ones to beat around the bush and would rather get straight to the nitty gritty if something is off, especially when it comes to a winner. This was the first time that the game show did an Invitational Tournament, so it's possible they're still working out the kinks, including what not to include on TV listings. Hopefully, with the next IT, nothing will be spoiled, but it's hard to tell.

With Jeopardy!, Celebrity Jeopardy!, and Jeopardy! Masters, there has to be something that goes wrong every once in a while, whether it's with a spoiler, wrong clue, or anything else. It's not fun when it happens, but it's always interesting to see how it turns out. Jeopardy! has been around for a long time, and things are bound to go wrong, but the series is still as entertaining as ever to watch. And that will continue for years to come, mistakes or no mistakes.