Jenelle Evans' Son Returned Amid Custody Battle With Ex Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans' son Kaiser is back with her and husband David Eason after child abuse accusations from the 3-year-old's father Nathan Griffith reignited a fierce custody battle.

The Teen Mom 2 star revealed on July 3 that she had gotten her son back from Griffith's mother after she refused to return him from a scheduled visit two days prior.

"Nap time, he's so happy to be home," she captioned a photo on her Instagram photos of the toddler sleeping.

kaiser home
(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

Eason also confirmed the drama behind the scenes, slamming Griffith in an Instagram post of text reading, "Operations bring Kaiser home was a great success! Too bad Nathan was in Florida, he missed the whole thing as well as his 'visit'!"

kaiser home david
(Photo: Instagram/David Eason)

In the caption, the fired MTV cast member doubled down: "So worried about your son but you predictably skip town again while your child stays home with your sickly mother!... What a great father to rip a kid out of his loving home for the satisfaction that you can talk s— online and make me look bad? I've never made up lies about your b— a— because I don't give a f— about you. Make up some more lies buddy because you are just burying yourself. Everyone can see through you and what you don't realize is you really just f—ed up!"

Griffith and the Evans-Eason household have been engaged in custody drama for quite a while now, which intensified Sunday when the MTV ex allegedly found bruises on his son during a visit.

In a 911 call first obtained by Radar, Griffith claimed to North Carolina emergency services that the little had marks all over him, saying, "He said David hit him with a stick."

"This is not okay," Griffith said in the call. He also told the dispatcher that he didn't want to give his son back to Evans and Eason, saying, "I'm freaking out right now."

Griffith also issued a public statement on the drama, writing in a series of tweets to Evans what he feels is going on at a macro level in this custody issue.

"All I can say is, the fighting, unnecessary drama and strategic tactics of mind manipulation is only hurting the kids. I've asked, I've begged, I've pleaded just to get along with you and David. I will not allow myself and my children to be subjected to your charades and antics," he wrote. "Last night I even cuddled with Kaiser and I said 'hey, little guy. I know a lot of stuff is going through your head. It's ok. Everything will be ok. And remember, mommy loves you very much.' I will tell everyone; a child's mind is fragile, don't mess it up. They'll be messed up."

He concluded: "That's the thing... that a lot of [people] don't understand. I don't care how much hate, anger or messed up the other parent is, do not denied them rights or influence their decision about the other parent... unless it's for their protection."

We hope these three can get things figured out soon.

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Photo credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans