'Teen Mom 2' Fans Call for a Boycott After Jenelle Evans' Husband Goes on Homophobic Twitter Rant

Teen Mom 2 fans are calling for Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason to be fired after he went on a homophobic and transphobic Twitter rant Monday.

Eason was criticized Wednesday for posting a photo of his wife shooting a gun on Instagram shortly after a tragic Florida school shooting killed at least 17 people. Since then, he's tweeted and retweeted a number of pro-gun messages, advocating for armed guards or teachers in schools.

But when a Twitter user questioned his beliefs, the MTV personality unleashed a homophobic rant in which he used a number of slurs towards LGBT people, calling them "an abomination" and saying he would teach his children not to associate with members of the LGBT community.

The person to which the messages were originally intended soon responded, "You have much hate in your heart. May god have mercy on your soul."

Warning: the following images include graphic language.

david eason rant compiled
(Photo: Twitter/@davideportcity)

While Eason appears to have deleted many of the offensive tweets, fans who were able to screenshot his hateful messages have been circulating them on Twitter, asking MTV to remove Eason from Teen Mom 2.

"Oh holy s—," one person tweeted in response. "That's disgusting. You know. If someone with a REAL job were to say this s— and the employer was notified or saw it ... they would be fired instantly. It is insane they are employed still. #BoycottTeenMom2 #BoycottMTV #FireTheEasons."

Another called the network hypocritical for condemning Teen Mom OG cast member Farrah Abraham for her work in the adult entertainment industry but allowing Eason to appear on the show despite a number of televised violent outbursts.

"It's vile and the fact that [Eason] continues to do s— bc he doesn't EVER face the consequences of what he does isn't right. Farrah gets fired for being a cam girl and finding outside ways to support her life but that damages the @MTV brand?"

Even Abraham's ex Simon Saran, weighed in.

"This is not the example we should be setting for our youth," he said. "I have many trustworthy and hardworking individuals that are Gay and Lesbians. They are outstanding individuals. I proud to have them on my team. This is actually embarrassing to see someone say this. #TeenMomOG #LGBT."


MTV has yet to address the tweets publicly.

Photo credit: Instagram/@j_evans1219