'Teen Mom 2' Cast Member Jenelle Evans Reportedly Buys New Property Amid Divorce Rumors

While divorce rumors flank the still-fresh marriage of Jenelle Evans and David Eason, Radar reports that Evans has reportedly purchased property near her North Carolina home, fueling separation rumors.

According to documents obtained by the website, the Teen Mom 2 star bought property in Columbus County, North Carolina on Nov. 30. However, it doesn't appear that Eason is moving out, as his name is also listed on the deed to the property.

Breakup rumors started when Evans changed her Facebook cover photo from a photo of her and Eason on their wedding day to a picture of her and her sons, Jace and Kaiser. She also deleted her "married to David Easons" Facebook status, while Eason deleted his profile altogether.

"I'd appreciate it if you stopped assuming s---" she told Radar on Friday, adding that social media "doesn't define one's relationship."

Evans fueled the rumors further earlier this week when she posted a Snapchat to Hailee Steinfeld's break-up song Let Me Go.

"You made plans and I, I made problems," some of the lyrics read. "We know this thing wasn't built to last."

It also appeared that she recently reached out to her ex-husband Courtland Rogers, who she was married to from 2012-2014.

"Don't [you] dare get people to try to contact me like that [laugh my f--king a-ss off] [oh my God]," Rogers tweeted.

Evans also denied contacting her ex-husband over Twitter to Radar.

Evans and Eason have long had a relationship that is rumored to be turbulent at best and abusive at worst.

During this season of Teen Mom 2, the two were seen fighting frequently, and some fans even claim to have seen bruises on Evans in her Instagram posts.

The two stormed out of the season reunion this October when Eason freaked out over being called "aggressive" by Dr. Drew.


Evans' ex, Nathan Griffiths, was originally supposed to speak on camera with Evans and Eason, but after the two stormed off set, he called the their relationship "chaotic" and filled with "red flags."

"I just think it's a really controlling relationship, especially when he oversteps his boundaries as a male figure in Kaiser's life," he said.