Jenelle Evans Bashes 'Teen Mom OG' Star Cory Wharton for Wanting to Fight David Eason

Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans is trading jabs with one of the stars of sister show Teen Mom OG.

Cory Wharton, the ex of main Teen Mom OG cast member Cheyenne Floyd, made headlines when he told TMZ he wanted to fight Evans' husband, David Eason. He also brought up Eason's regular use of the Confederate flag on social media in the challenge.

Evans is now hitting back by bringing up some unflattering remarks Floyd made about white people. She shared a screenshot of tweets allegedly made by Floyd over the years about how she "had a problem with white people" and "wanted to kill every white person she saw" at an unspecified event.

She then revealed that she had brought up Floyd's remark while meeting with MTV execs about Eason's racist remarks that got him booted from the MTV series.

"When my husband wanted to apologize we had [producer Morgan J. Freeman] telling us 'Its too late. You can't do anything to reverse this,'" Evans wrote. "We setup meetings in NYC and they didn't want to hear my husband. Yet you go and hire someone that doesn't like whites and she can say sorry?!!"

She then added another message to Wharton, writing, "Someone needs a history lesson. Muscles don't make you book smart."

She continued her rant throughout Saturday morning, saying he was a "drama queen" and "doesn't deserve the attention from [her] that he's desperately wanting."

Evans also explained why she was publicly slamming Wharton in the first place, specifically citing his comments to TMZ.

"Sometimes I say things on here so people INFACT see [what the f—] I say. I do this PURPOSELY," Evan wrote. "This dude can go to TMZ saying he wants to fight my husband starting shit but the second I get on to defend my husband I'm the wrong one?"

Wharton has not responded to Evans' comments as of press time.


Photo Credit: GC Images / Alo Ceballos