Jenelle Evans Road Rage 911 Call Released

The audio from Jenelle Evans' 911 call during her reported road rage incident was released Thursday after an eyewitness who saw the incident described the Teen Mom 2 personality as driving like a "bat out of hell."

Click here to listen to the 911 recording from The Blast.

Evans called 911 on Thursday, April 26 complaining of a driver tailgating and brake-checking her while her son, Jase, was in the car. In a police report filed by the other driver, he alleges that Evans pulled a gun on him and followed him back to his home.

In Evans' 911 call, she tells the dispatcher that the driver "was tailgating me the whole way" back from Jase's therapy.

"He's been tailgating me the whole time in traffic," she said. "Would not stop."

She went on to tell the dispatcher how the driver "races in front of me and purposely slammed on the brakes at 70-something miles per hour," adding that she almost "got veered off the side of the road."

"And now this guy is trying his hardest for me not to be behind him anymore. He is literally going crazy, swerving in and out of lanes," Evans says in the tape.

She added that she was calling from her son's cellphone because her phone "went flying" when she slammed on her brakes.

"My son's head almost got whiplash and almost hit the dash. That's how bad I had to slam on the brakes," she said.

But instead of letting police handle the incident, Evans allegedly followed the driver home and pulled a gun on him.

In the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office Communication Center CFS report, the other driver claimed Evans "hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him."

The other driver then claimed she followed him onto his private property. He "started yelling to bring it on," at Evans.

An officer said in the report, "Suspect [Evans] hit two vehicles in the yard and then she pulled a 10-84/G," which is the code for "suspect with a gun."

The man told police he wants her "stopped and charged," but PEOPLE reports neither driver has been charged.

The witness who reportedly saw Evans follow the other driver home, said Evans' driving could have harmed people on the property.

"He was outside his house hollering that some crazy lady was following him with a gun," the source told Radar Online. "She had really dark windows. I could tell that it was a woman, but her windows were up. He yelled that she had a gun, so I stayed out of the way."

"She didn't come in fast, but she did a U-turn and the next thing I know she was tearing out of our street," the witness said. "She was driving like a bat out of hell!"

"There were little kids out there on the road. It could have caused a bad accident out there. She just drove straight out of there onto the highway. She was driving like 65/70 miles an hour on a dirt road. It was dangerous," they said.

Meanwhile, Teen Mom 2 fans are wondering if Evans is purposefully sabotaging the show, as she brought recently-fired husband David Eason to set over the weekend. Security guards "told everyone to stay back because they were afraid he might have a gun."


"Jenelle knows there can't be any filming when David is around. But she ignored that completely and brought David anyway. So, the security guard stood there, and the producers told Jenelle that they weren't going to film with her. She threw a fit and left," a source told Radar.

MTV fired Eason in February following his homophobic rants and controversial social media posts involving guns after the Parkland school shooting, which left 17 people dead in Florida on Valentine's Day.