Jenelle Eason Addresses Taking Legal Action Against 'Teen Mom 2' Castmates in Quickly Deleted Tweet

Jenelle (Evans) Eason wants everyone to stop asking about the cease and desist letters she's been sending her Teen Mom 2 castmates this week.

The drama started Monday, when MTV personality Chelsea Houska DeBoer revealed that Evans and her husband David Eason had served her with a cease and desist letter in regards to "false and defamatory statements" she had allegedly made against them. Her father Randy Houska was also served with legal papers, as was Evans' mother Barbara Evans.

Cast member Leah Messer said the same day she hadn't received a letter possibly because she was out of town, and accused Evans of harassing her for "weeks" following the reunion filming in October.

Evans' ex Nathan Griffith also may have been served, tweeting a cryptic message possibly implying that her actions are the result of drug use.

Many fans have been confused about the group of people who were sent the legal notices, as it's a mixture of people who have had problems with Evans in the past and people who really never interact with her.

After so much speculation, Evans took to her Twitter account Wednesday to address questioning fans.

jenelle tweet

"So what's happening with the letters you sent to [Lowry], [Messer], [Houska], [DeBoer]...We all wanna know!" a fan tweeted at Evans.

"Yeah of course you would love to know, everyone's all about drama," she tweeted back.

She must have realized soon after that tweeting about an ongoing legal dispute is generally frowned upon, and deleted the exchange from her account.

She then filled the hole in her timeline with tweets about learning how to do her stepdaughter's hair for her cheer competitions and watching TV.


But fans weren't so easily fooled by her change of topic, and her mentions are filled with people calling her out for her actions.

Photo credit: MTV