Jen Harley Called out for Using Old Photo From 2015 in Latest Post, but Some Fans Like Her Kicks

Jen Harley is setting off fans' B.S. alarm with her latest Instagram post. After participating in the Gold Rush Rally, in which she raced across the country in a 32-hour event, she posted a photo of herself back at home. The only problem? It's the same exact photo she posted back in 2015. Instagram users were quick to pounce on Harley for the recycled image.

"This is the same pic from July 2015," one said.

"Isn't this from 2015?, another asked. The answer is a definitive "yes." Her original post using the same photo is still live. It's dated July 27, 2015. The Internet never forgets.

Most fans, however, were really focused on the sneakers she's wearing. "I love your sneakers, do those have a wedge in it?," one fan asked. "Which kicks r those? I wannnnttt," a second person said. A third commenter added, "Love your sneakers!" For those wondering, the shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti and retail for close to $1,000.

This reused image news is a lighthearted change for Harley, who has been in the news recently for something far more serious. Early Friday morning, her boyfriend, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro from Jersey Shore, was arrested after he allegedly hitting Harley and chased her around the house with a knife. Police were called and had to taser Ortiz-Magro to subdue him.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. in a rental home, according to TMZ, and police were called after he allegedly slapped and punched her and then chased her with a knife while holding their 18-month-old daughter.

Ortiz-Magro allegedly locked himself in the house with the baby after police were called. He wouldn't respond to police orders to exit the home, so they broke down the front door. He was allegedly still not cooperative with their commands, so they tased him and took him into custody. Harley and their daughter suffered no major injuries.


Police say that Ortiz-Magro is facing a kidnapping charge, among others, for the incident.