Jax Taylor Allegedly Trashes Brittany Cartwright in Secret Recording

Jax Taylor is in the doghouse with Brittany Cartwright again!

The Vanderpump Rules couple has been going through a tough time this season, with Taylor admitting he cheated on his longtime girlfriend with ex SURver Faith Stowers.

But the couple has been trying to repair their relationship, even going through with a housewarming party with friends in Monday's episode.

"I love him too much," Cartwright told her friends. "It's not fair if I don't at least try."

While at the party Taylor told friend Carter Brian, "I love Brittany. I love her to death and I want to fix this and I'm gonna fix this."

He explained that, at the time of his cheating, "if a f—ing squirrel would have looked at me with a f—ing vagina, I would have f—ed it. I wanted the attention."

When Cartwright tried to weigh in, she was mocked by her boyfriend, who said, "Oscar goes to Brittany. Congratulations." In response, she said "f— y'all" and stormed out.

Meanwhile, Lala Kent dished to castmate Ariana Madix about a particularly damning tape of Taylor.

"Not only did he f—ing do what he did with Faith, there's f—ing audio on that phone of him saying he's never gonna marry her, that they never have sex," she said.

Cameras then cut to James Kennedy, who in a testimonial, added, "Faith sent me the recording and I sent it to Lala."

Kent and Madix play the alleged recording for Cartwright, who freaked out immediately, yelling, "Are you f—ing kidding me?"

The recording wasn't actually played on the show, but Cartwright clearly was affected by it, shouting at Taylor, "You're a piece of f—ing s—. I've heard the recordings. You deserve to rot in hell. Get the f— out of here."

The Bravo couple remains together, and Taylor has been leaning on the Kentucky native while mourning the passing of his father, so clearly the two work things out. We'll have to keep tuning in to see how.


Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo credit: Instagram / @mrjaxtaylor