James Duggar and Lauren Caldwell Possibly Courting, According to Sources

There's a possibility that James Duggar is courting Lauren Caldwell. While nothing is official yet, there's a lot of speculation these two could be an item. As recent as October, rumors of them possibly being together were shut down when it was confirmed that Caldwell was engaged to Titus Hall, but now all evidence of them being together has been taken off social media, once again, leaving onlookers to question.

Duggar recently joined Instagram and has already gained thousands of followers, and while he's only shared one post so far, fans can't help but question whether he's sending any clues or not. His brother, Justin Duggar, started an Instagram just before announcing his courtship to Claire Spivey, so some believe Duggar may be doing the same thing but just giving it some time. According to cafemom.com, there are theories that Caldwell may have been caught up in a love triangle between Hall and Duggar. Shortly after the news was announced of her engagement, everything proving that to be true was taken down from her socials.

Some believe that after she and Hall got engaged, she suddenly realized she wanted to be with Duggar instead, although there are no hard facts to prove this theory to be true. Rumors of their possible courtship have been going on for a while now. In December 2019, fans thought they were together because Caldwell appeared to be "familiar" with Duggar and his older brother Jason in a special Counting On episode. At the time of Caldwell's engagement announcement, her family posted photos of the two at Lower Grand Lagoon, Florida, where he popped the question.

"We couldn't be happier for Titus and Lauren," the family wrote, adding the hashtags "engaged," "surprise proposal," and "beach proposal." Naturally, this shocked their fans because there was so much assumption surrounding Duggar and Caldwell, but it didn't take long for things to shift again. As for Caldwell's sister, Kendra Duggar, who is married to Joseph Duggar, the pair announced just a few months before Caldwell's engagement that they were expecting their third child together.

The couple is already the parents to Garrett David, 2, and Addison Renee, a year old. During their announcement, they stated how "excited" they were to add a new addition to the family and look forward to seeing their children's faces when they meet their new sibling after the birth.