Howie Mandel Compares His and Naomi Campbell's Hazmat Outfits Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

America's Got Talent judge Howie Mandel is not the only celebrity who donned a full hazmat suit this week during the coronavirus pandemic. Supermodel Naomi Campbell did the same, even posting a detailed YouTube video, telling fans she was not doing this as a joke. Of course, that did not stop Mandel from getting a chuckle out of it, even comparing his suit to Campbell's.

On Wednesday, Mandel shared a photo of himself in his hazmat suit, side-by-side with Campbell. "Who wore it better?" Mandel wrote.

When Campbell arrived at LAX on Tuesday, she donned a full hazmat suit, and even wore a facemask and pink gloves so only her eyes were exposed. "Safety First NEXT LEVEL," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a trio of photos of herself in the hazmat suit.

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Campbell explained herself in a six-minute video on YouTube, and told fans this was nothing to laugh about. "Something a friend said to me is 'We cannot live in fear,' and it's so true," she said in the clip, before showing fans exactly what kind of hazmat suit she bought on Amazon. Campbell also showed herself using packets of Vitamin C to help her immune system. She also said she was worried about TSA agents, who still have to meet and interact with dozens of people every day.

"This is it, this is my precaution. What do you think?" Campbell said as she showed off the whole look, reports USA Today. "In all honesty, this is not a funny time, it's not a humorous time, I'm not doing this for laughs. This is how I feel comfortable traveling, if I have to travel."

"In all seriousness, I think, we must take every precaution that makes us protective and comfortable," Campbell later added. She also said she will be limiting her travels for the next few weeks.

As for Mandel, he wore a full hazmat suit to a taping of America's Got Talent in Pasadena, California. Fellow AGT judge Heidi Klum also had to sit out of two tapings this past week due to an illness. She has symptoms of the common cold, but said she could not get a COVID-19 test because of the limited availability in the U.S.

"I hope it's just a cold," Klum told fans on Instagram. "I would love to do the corona test but there just isn't one here ... I've tried two different doctors and I just can't get one."

On Friday, Mandel announced he rescheduled a stand-up show in Tampa, Florida for November.

"I've have been looking forward to visiting [Hard Rock Tampa] on March 21st at The Hard Rock Event Center," Mandel announced on Instagram. "Based on what's been going on in the news and more importantly the fact that I can't find my favorite pair of socks we will be postponing this show until November 20th! Looking forward to seeing you guys on November 20th and also hopefully finding my socks."


AGT's upcoming 15th season will feature Mandel, Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell as judges. Vergara's Modern Family co-star Eric Stonestreet filled in for Klum in the tapings she missed. Producers will not include a live in-studio audience in future tapings during the coronavirus outbreak.

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