'Home Town Takeover' Episode 1: Time, Channel and How to Watch

The Home Town HGTV franchise is expanding tonight with another new entry, Home Town Takeover. In the new series, husband and wife duo Ben Napier and Erin Napier leave Laurel, Mississippi for Wetumpka, Alabama to give the city a full makeover. The six-episode limited series begins on HGTV Sunday, May 2 at 8 p.m. ET. The first and second episodes are also available to stream on the new Discovery+ platform. Every following episode will be available to stream Sundays before it airs on HGTV.

Home Town Takeover focuses on 12 renovation projects the Napiers oversaw in Wetumpka, which is located just north of Montgomery. Each episode will also include special guest appearances with singer Sheryl Crow and Food Network star Eddie Jackson stopping by. Several HGTV stars will also join in the fun, including Ty Pennington, Mina Starsiak Hawk, Jon-Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, Steve Ford, Wendell Holland, and Tamara Day.

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HGTV also launched the companion digital series Road to the Takeover on April 25 to introduce viewers to Wetumpka. Tales from the Takeover will be released on Mondays after the episodes air, beginning on May 3. Tales is hosted by Jason Pickens, who will chat with the Napiers to learn more about their renovation projects. These companion shows are available on the HGTV Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as HGTV.com.

During a recent stop on our PopCulture @Home series, the Napiers said they hope the series can also inspire viewers to see the potential of their own small town. "So many people want to do what has happened in Laurel in their town, and they're coming to us and asking us for advice and so we felt like this would be a good way to kind of say this can happen anywhere. It doesn't have to be Laurel," Ben explained. Erin said the two wanted to share the "universal truths in revitalizing small-town America."

Another goal for the Napiers is to show viewers how live in big cities that there are other opportunities available in small towns. "Some people are born and raised in big cities and they struggle to pay their bills and to be satisfied in their career because it's such a rat race and I just want people to see that there are other ways of living," Erin told PopCulture. She went on to say that they hope to "change perceptions about what it means to live in a small town and what's possible."


In the first episode of Home Town Takeover, the Napiers highlight a group of students painting a colorful mural to show how things are changing for Wetumpka. They will be joined by Dave and Jenny Marrs, the stars of HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous. The famous couples help a foster family finish a home renovation and a struggling fashion boutique owner get a fresh look for her business.