'Home Town': Napiers Celebrate 'Trip of a Lifetime'

Ben and Erin Napier had a blast during their recent trip to Los Angeles. As Ben shared on Instagram, he and Erin made no personal plans for their trip, which they went on to promote the new season of Home Town Takeover, which premieres on April 23. In the end, the Home Town stars ended up enjoying a "trip of a lifetime" thanks to some last-minute hangouts. 

Ben began his caption by explaining that he and Erin decided not to contact any of their Los Angeles-based friends during their trip, since it was such a "fast" one. So, they took a low-key approach to their press trip along with their daughter, Helen. He wrote on Instagram that they went to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank and ended up running into their good friend and former director, Jim MacPherson. As Ben explained, he became a little emotional over their reunion, which was three years in the making. 

"In a metropolitan area of nearly 13 million, I saw our good friend and former director 30ft from where we chose to eat lunch," Ben wrote. "I fought back tears when we hugged for the first time since spring 2020." The HGTV personality said that he and Erin were due to go to the Titanic exhibit and, as a result, would not be able to hang out with their friends. However, when they learned that the exhibit was actually closed, they ended up being able to enjoy a pizza date night with Drew and Jonathan Scott and their respective partners, Linda Phan and Zooey Deschanel. Ben wrote, "It was more fun than you can imagine. There were magic tricks, and a light show, and a house tour, and incredible stories."

He went on to write that the Scott brothers "felt bad that Helen's Titanic dreams had been crushed," and that they aimed to lift her spirits with a different experience. The next day, they received a group text with Jay Leno, who invited them to his garage. Ben shared, "He went to work winning over my daughter who is now bragging about "meeting the man who gave her a Barbie and has cars just like daddy (daddy wishes)!" Ultimately, even though they went into the trip with no plans, they ended up making the most of it all the same, with Ben writing that their excursion "turned into the trip of a lifetime with memories made, and a chance for us to catch up with old friends and make new ones. The world is tiny."