'Growing Up Chrisley': Todd Chrisley Steps in When Savannah's Photo Shoot Goes too Far

Todd Chrisley's surprise appearance is totally throwing off daughter Savannah's business ventures as she and brother Chase try to fulfill their Los Angeles dreams in Growing Up Chrisley.

In Tuesday's all-new episode of the Chrisley Knows Best spinoff, Savannah and her friend Daniel plan to create a lookbook for her upcoming beauty brand, which the pageant queen hopes will "develop [her] look," but only to a "conservatively fierce" level.

"You'll still be a Chrisley, I swear to your dad I wouldn't do that to you," he tells her.

Speaking of Todd, neither Savannah nor Chase were shocked to see the Nashville real estate mogul show up at their front doorstep.

"I wish I could say that I'm surprised to see our dad here, but I'm not," Savannah confessed to the camera. "I mean, there is no way that he was going to stay away for three months."

Insisting on accompanying his daughter to her first photo shoot, Todd was shocked to see Savannah emerge from her trailer clad in leather pants, a latex bra top and metallic silver trench coat.

"I feel like we're on a shoot for Planet of the Apes," he quipped, as Daniel insisted, "It's very 'the new Savannah,' because we did the latex and the leather, then we covered it a little."

"Latex and leather is not the new Savannah," Todd snapped back, turning to address his daughter. "You know what your brand is," he asked her, "I don't know about this Savannah, how do you feel?"

"It's not me, but you know, I told Daniel we'd give it a try," she assured him. "Daddy, I know that this is different, but this is what people do here in L.A. So please don't embarrass me."

Needless to say, the shoot did not go well, with Todd protesting when Savannah was prompted to remove her jacket or pose with anything clenched between her teeth.

"I know that this isn't exactly how I would have done it, but I'm grown now, and I need to do this on my own," Savannah told her dad, who replied, "You're grown. In a bikini. In a desert."

At the suggestion of using handcuffs, Todd called the whole photoshoot off, ushering his daughter back into her jeans and graphic tee. Later, reflecting with brother Chase, Savannah admitted the photoshoot started off "not good," joking, "and then Daddy took it over."

Her dad might have been a little extra in his reaction to the shoot, but when Savannah saw the final product, she had to break it to Daniel that she would rather be true to herself than feed into all the Los Angeles culture.

"This just isn't me," she told him. "I came here to Hollywood to create a name for myself and to build a brand, but that didn't include me turning into Hollywood and changing just so I could make money."

By keeping her brand authentic to who she is, Savannah was sure she'd find plenty of success not just in L.A., but everywhere.

"I believe I'll have more longevity if I stay true to who I am and not turn into all this," she said.


Growing Up Chrisley airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on USA.

Photo credit: USA