'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Hawk Explains Her Lengthy Family Tree

Good Bones star Mina Starsiak Hawk answered some questions from fans this week, which prompted her to give a very quick rundown of her family tree. The HGTV host also revealed that it does not bother her any longer that her parents have had so many marriages. Starsiak has seven siblings overall, five brothers and two sisters, from her parents' different marriages, she said.

The complicated family tree came up during a behind-the-scenes video from Good Bones Season 2, in which Starsiak and her mom Karen Laine explained everything. Starsiak's father, Casey, had three children with Laine, including Starsiak. After their divorce, Casey married a woman named Cheryl and they had two children, Jess and Tad, notes PEOPLE. Tad moved in with Laine and worked for her and Starsiak. After Laine and Casey split, she married Randy and they had a daughter, Kelsey.

Lenny, the general contractor for Two Chicks and a Hammer and previously appeared on the series, is also a member of the family. He was married to Cheryl before her marriage to Casey. After Casey and Cheryl split, Cheryl and Lenny married again, meaning that Lenny is Tad's stepfather. Following Cheryl's death, Lenny married a woman named Ginger. Laine also later divorced Randy and married a man named Mick. That marriage ended as well, and Laine is now married to Roger.

After explaining all this very quickly in Instagram Story videos, Starsiak also took a question from one fan who asked if it bothers her that her parents have been through so many marriages. "Not anymore," she wrote. "As an adult, you can so much more perspective and I can't imagine staying in an unfulfilling relationship 'for the kids' sake.' I think that can be even more damaging than divorce oftentimes. But hell, I'm no shrink. That's just my two cents."

Another fan asked Starsiak what her favorite Christmas movie is. "Christmas Vacation hands down," she responded. "I think because it reminds me of my bat s— family holidays."


Starsiak's family recently gained new additions. She married her husband Stephen Hawk in June 2016. The couple welcomed their son Jack Richard Hawk in August 2018 and daughter Charlotte Drew in September. During another Q&A with fans on Wednesday, Starsiak said the couple is not planning on having more children. "Yep. We're not testing fate," she wrote, referring to her IVF struggles. "We've got two amazing nuggets. Mommas done and getting her tummy tuck and Steve's getting snipped."