'Good Bones' Star Karen Laine Enlists the Help of Husband Roger for Upcoming 'Corner'

Good Bones star Karen Laine is still working on her "Karen's Corner" project and revealed a new look at how the work is going on Sunday. She shared a photo of herself and her husband Roger installing custom tiles from other houses. Laine and Roger bought a building in the South Village part of Indianapolis that previously included a business established in 1899.

"Installing [a] custom tile floor at the corner, using tile saved from houses, one tile at a time. Roger is a saint," Laine wrote in the caption, alongside the hashtag "I found my person." The photo is a selfie, with Roger working on his knees and sticking his tongue out to the camera. Laine's fans loved seeing the photo and praised her for finding new ways to use old material. "Great repurposing," one person wrote. "Oh that is a labor but you will love it when it is done," another fan wrote.

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Laine began work on the project in October when she announced she and her husband bought the old Monuments by Wearly building in South Village. "It will house my tools, projects in process, and finished items for sale," she wrote. Over the past month and a half, Laine has shared frequent updates on the "corner" project for fans. On Oct. 14, she revealed the project would be dubbed "The Corner" because "Karen's corner will forever remain a state of mind."

Roger's work on "The Corner" has not been easy. On Nov. 13, Laune shared a photo of her husband on his knees, working on a plumbing issue. "The mural at the corner is looking great, the plumbing not so much," she wrote, adding the hashtag "Roger is a good sport." Another photo on Nov. 12 showed a pair of local artists working on a mural for one side of the building.


Although this is the first store for Laine, it is not the first for the Good Bones family. In June, her daughters Kelsey Gray and Mina Starsiak Hawk opened Two Chicks District Co., a home furnishings store, in the Bates-Hendricks Indianapolis neighborhood. Starsiak Hawk told the Indianapolis Star she saw the store as a place for people to hang out, not just buy Good Bones-related products. "It’s not just a store that’s a destination because of the show, but actually a stronghold in the community," she said.

The Bates-Hendricks neighborhood is the perfect place for the store since it is where many Two Chicks and a Hammer projects featured on Good Bones are located. Their work has helped change the area's reputation for the better. "We’ve been here for a while, but it’s starting to happen," Starsiak Hawk told the IndyStar. "We really wanted (the store) to be a bit of a springboard for commercial enterprises to feel like, ‘OK, it’s happening.’"