'Good Bones' Stars Mina Starsiak Hawk, Karen E Laine Reveal Who the Easiest Crew Member to Troll Is (Exclusive)

Six seasons in and HGTV's Good Bones continues to be one of the freshest home renovations shows on the network. With mother-daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk leading the charge alongside a fun and playful crew of family and close friends, it's no secret there are a number of shenanigans ensuing each week. While chatting with PopCulture.com ahead of the Season 6 premiere last week, the two working to rehabilitate homes around their city reveal there is more fun to be had this time around, but one crew member is easier to troll than the others.

While chatting about the Port-A-Potty incident on the Season 6 premiere, which saw Starsiak Hawk bumping the stall her Two Chicks & a Hammer project manager, Cory Miller was in with the excavator after it was in her workspace, the mom-of-two admits he is the "easiest to mess with."

"So easy," she said, stressing how he's the "absolute" easiest. Revealing in a behind-the-scenes moment that was cut from the episode, Starsiak Hawk shares she was met with some "immediate karma" the instant that took place. "I turned around on the bulldozer, and I tipped it into the dumpster," she said. "I almost tipped it over. The only thing that stopped me was I fell into the dumpster. Cory is so easy. You can just come up next to him and be like, 'Boo!' He'll freak out. […] He's very jumpy."

But while the crew is always up for trolling each other, Laine reveals she is not one bit the "mama bear" of the team during renovations as her daughter is more of that authority figure for everyone. "I am a toddler, and I will be the first person to engage in some shenanigans. The first," Laine laughed. "I am perfectly happy to have pranks played on me, and play pranks because that's what makes it fun. Mina's the one who is always the fun killer. Always. Always. I don't understand what I did wrong. I didn't raise her right."

Protesting her mother's statement, Starsiak Hawk replies, "I hit Cory while he was in a Port-A-Potty! Bulldozer. That's fun," to which Laine replies, "I wasn't there for that." Starsiak Hawk seeing it as a fair response says it's true, adding, "See, I'm not always the fun killer. You just miss it sometimes."

"When Mina does engage in shenanigans, I like to remind her that she's turning into her mother, and that's very upsetting to her. Very. Very," Laine said, as her daughter replies, "I still am not knitting. Or crafting nearly as much."

In Tuesday's second episode of the sixth season, "A Charred Charmer for Cory," Starsiak Hawk and Laine tackle a 100-year-old home that has endured a severe fire with some foundational damage. However, Miller loves its potential and is interested in making it his permanent home. But the costly list of extreme challenges might have him feeling a bit of the burn.


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