'Good Bones' Stars Mina Starsiak Hawk, Karen E Laine Reveal 'Creepy' Phenomena in Season 6 Premiere (Exclusive)

After delivering one of the highest-rated seasons for HGTV last fall with more than 22.6 million total viewers, Good Bones is back for another round of renovations Tuesday night in a highly-anticipated sixth season. Working to revitalize dilapidated properties in their hometown of Indianapolis, series stars Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E Laine have been in the thick of some wild renovations since first breaking out onto the scene in 2016. But it's their latest renovation in the Season 6 premiere that has Starsiak Hawk officially creeped out.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com ahead of Tuesday night's premiere of "Scary to Chic in Old Southside," Starsiak Hawk teased some crazy renovations for the season ahead and revealed something "creepy" lurking during their home makeover. "There's always crazy stuff with the boys; there's always terrible smells that everyone at home is lucky that they can't smell. We had a cool — I don't know how to say it — not a ghost story, but a creepy incident at one house," she said.

Starsiak Hawk's mother interjected that her daughter thought the whole "incident was creepy," even though she didn't see it that way at all. "It is definitely supernatural. Definitely," Laine teased. The 36-year-old added to her mom's comments sharing how the event "resulted in lots of people getting injured," and that alone was "creepy" to her.

Laine went on to share how they had a similar incident in Season 3 with the pair finding a voodoo doll in the attic of a 1910 duplex they were renovating in Indy's historic Fletcher Place neighborhood that left a lasting impression on the two. "The house where the voodoo doll was, everybody was looking for the voodoo doll for the reveal. Production had it. I looked everywhere, and I couldn't find it. They looked everywhere; they couldn't find it. Nobody knew where it was. A year later, I go into my bedroom, and it's on the floor of my bedroom. I was like, 'Oh, there you are. How did you get here?'" Laine said as a stunned Starsiak Hawk, hearing the story again, replied, "Ain't nobody got time for that."

The 59-year-old semi-retired matriarch of the series admits she has a "new respect for the voodoo doll because apparently, it can move on its own power" despite Starsiak Hawk thinking a "cat brought it." But Laine wasn't convinced. "Literally, no explanation for how it got there. I'm a big fan. I worked in an office that was haunted, and I'm a big fan of explaining things based on — there was a dead crow in my office one day. It flew down the chimney, flew around the room, and it banged its head on things until it died. All right, that's not creepy to me," she said. "[But] a voodoo doll just showing up, I can't think of a reason. If your viewers would like to suggest reasons, I'd be happy to hear them."


Good Bones Season 6 premieres on HGTV Tuesday, June 29 at 9 p.m. ET and is available to stream on discovery+. For more on Mina and Karen, and all your favorite reality shows and stars, keep it locked to PopCulture.com for the latest!