'Good Bones': Mina Starsiak Hawk Offers Glimpse of Family Fun With Husband, Son and Mom Karen Laine in Exclusive Clip

With the foundation of HGTV's Good Bones rooted lovingly in the joys of family, it's no surprise tonight's is giving fans a sneak peek of how its stars spend their time together when not designing new homes. In a PopCulture.com exclusive clip ahead of tonight's episode, designer Mina Starsiak Hawk fits in some family time with husband, Steve and son Jack as the three enjoy a day at the park with their dog Frank. Shortly joined by her mother and co-designer, Karen Laine, the two give audiences another intimate glimpse into their hectic lives.

In the episode, "Boho Bungalow" airing Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV, Starsiak Hawk and her mother Laine are starting work on a home in the new, bustling neighborhood of Garfield Park — an area spanning more than 128 acres and one of the oldest city parks in Indianapolis, where the pair renovate crusty old homes into charming havens. With a tight budget and a narrow profit margin, the two and their team must harness their creative juices to turn the tiny property into a boho-chic bungalow worthy of an aspiring artist.

Naturally, during their time renovating and getting ideas for their homes, the pair are also fitting in some adorable family time as they spend an afternoon at the park. In the exclusive sneak peek, Starsiak Hawk and her husband, Steve, are seen pushing their toddler son, Jack, on a swing.

"Steve and I both have jobs, and it's nice when we can fit in a little morning family activity before we can get off to work," Starsiak Hawk said in a voiceover of the trio's family fun day. Cutting to Steve going down a slide with Jack in his lap, Laine appears on her bike, greeting the three and soaking in the joys of Garfield Park.

"Garfield Park has playgrounds for children of all ages," Laine said in an offside interview with her daughter. "They have all kinds of events in the park, music events, movie events. And then there's the art center where there's just kids and art. And what is not to love?"

With the charm of familial values being a big part of the show's appeal, Season 5 is on pace to deliver the highest-rated season for the network. Taking a turn through blending renovations with their personal lives, Starsiak Hawk has also been documenting her IVF journey, which has now resulted in a second pregnancy. Soon to expect her second-born this September after achieving a successful round of intrauterine insemination (IUI), the Hoosier previously told PopCulture.com she was happy fans would see another side of her family, especially as Jack, who just turned 2 years old, makes more appearances.

"I really like it! Obviously, Jack's a character," she laughed with PopCulture. "The production team is his second family; he's grown up around them. He likes to go places with me and being in the scenes, and he's just a ham. Until he's old enough to be like, 'No, I don't want to go to work with you today.' 'Cool. Then you don't have to go.'"


With Season 6 already well underway with production and a very pregnant Starsiak Hawk ready to nest, the 35-year-old Indy native is set to give birth next month. Though she and her husband have not disclosed the sex of the baby just yet, the did choose the name Charlie Drew because it's "very gender-neutral," she said according to an interview with PEOPLE. The second part of the name, Drew, was chosen in honor of her husband's best friend who passed away six years ago. "We've always thought [about] whether we have a boy or a girl, we'd like to incorporate his name in some way."

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