'Good Bones' Star Karen Laine Showcases Massive Back Tattoo in New Photos

Good Bones star Karen Laine took to Instagram on Saturday to show off the results of her CoolSculpting session. But, some fans were much more focused on one particular aspect of the photos — the fact that Laine's extensive back tattoo was on full display. As seen in the snaps that she posted, the ink covers the entirety of her back as well as the side of her torso.

"As promised, I am giving an update on my CoolSculpting," Laine wrote, captioning photos that showcased her new figure. "3 months have passed since I had my upper arms and upper abdomen treated. The pictures speak for themselves. I am standing up straighter in the second abdomen picture, but I'm not sucking in my gut." She ended her message by writing that she got her CoolSculpting session done at Starsiak Aesthetics.

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While many of her fans were focused on the changes that Laine experienced thanks to the weight-loss, body sculpting method, others couldn't help but comment on the HGTV personality's back tattoo. In fact, the comments section of the post was soon flooded with users who were stoked to see the impressive amount of ink that Laine sports on her back.

"Whoa whoa whoa you are tatted!!?? You’re so much cooler than I even knew! You look great!" one fan wrote. Another commented, "After a couple of minutes mesmerized by your beautiful tattoo, I saw the progress. Congrats!" Even though there were many fans who were surprised to see Laine's ink, some dedicated Good Bones viewers already knew about her tattoo thanks to a previous episode of the series. One user commented on Laine's post with, "I knew from the Biker Bar episode you had major tats somewhere Love the koi- reminds me of your beautiful oasis backyard!"

As her fans know, Laine has retired from the company, Two Chicks & a Hammer, which she shared with her daughter, Mina Starsiak Hawk. While she's been plenty busy since retiring and has been majorly active on social media, she told PopCulture.com in June of 2020 that she would be going back to school. "You would think that a [Juris Doctor] would be enough, but I love school, and I've wanted to preach forever," she explained. "And so now that I've retired from the company, I have enough time and I have the funds to go to Divinity school. I'm excited. A lot of exciting stuff in the future!"