'Gold Rush' Star Tony Beets Reveals If He'll Retire as He Urges His Kids to Step up in the Family Business (Exclusive)

Tony Beets may be pushing for his three kids to step it up when it comes to the family mining business, but the Gold Rush star isn't planning on hanging up his hard hat — ever!

Ahead of the Season 10 premiere of the hit Discovery show on Oct. 11, PopCulture.com's Anna Rumer traveled to the Yukon to try her hand at gold mining and get the inside scoop on the 2019 season, getting the official tour of Beets' claim after permitting issues forced a major stall at the Indian River operation. It's all becoming part of experienced miner's plan to get children Kevin, Monica and Mike to finally step into the family's namesake and become more independent on the claim, he explained.

"So basically this year what we are doing is getting set up so the kids next year can run here by themselves," Beets told PopCulture. "They f—ing well better come into their own... they're all their mid twenties or early thirties, so if they're not f—ing grown up by now, it ain't never going to happen is it?"

But when asked if the "kids" stepping up would lead to him taking a step back, Beets answered quickly, "No."

"As for retirement, I think that's not going to happen," he continued. "We live a perfect life here. We work seven months out of the year and then we go on holidays for five, and that's enough retirement for me, more than enough."

He added: "Why would you sit beside the pool and have a beer if you can enjoy gold mining here in the Yukon?"

It's not "gold fever" keeping Beets digging for his living in the Yukon either.

"Don't have no gold fever, never did," the miner explained of his life spent digging for the precious metal. "It's just a means of paying the bills, and it is the lifestyle, and there's a whole bunch of things combined, that made some of us stay here and become successful."

"I just enjoy what I'm doing," he added. "We're very fortunate that we're not in civilization where you don't have to deal with a lot of rules and regulations like we would have somewhere else. So it's been a good life around here."

Will the heirs to the Beets empire be able to come into their own and impress their father?


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Photo credit: Discovery