'Ghost Hunters' Returns in New Teaser for A&E Revival

A&E is preparing for its deep dive back into the unexplained with the revival of popular paranormal series, Ghost Hunters. Almost 15 years after introducing the world to supernatural field investigations led by co-founder Grant Wilson of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.) and investigating places reported to be haunted, the show is officially back and teasing a lot more paranormal activity in its first commercial spot ahead of its August premiere.

As one of the more successful paranormal series of all time that once captivated fans and spawned a subsequent catalog of paranormal shows on various networks following its Oct. 6, 2004 debut on Syfy (previously, Sci-Fi Channel), the revival will feature original team leader, Wilson and his new roster of handpicked professional ghost hunters as they utilize their seasoned field experience to investigate paranormal activity across the United States.

Through interviews and perspectives from forensic experts, while diving deep into historical records and a plethora of innovative technology picking up ghostly activity, the new squad will be committed to discovering the truth and providing relief to those afflicted by unexplained supernatural phenomena in their every day life.

The hunters working alongside Grant in the upcoming revival, which has been greenlit for 20 episodes includes, Daryl Marston, Kristen Luman, Brandon Alvis, Mustafa Gatollari, Brian Murray and Richel Stratton.

When the series was first announced by the network, EVP and Head of Programming at A&E Network, Elaine Frontain Bryant expressed her excitement for the comeback.

"A&E has been on the forefront of programming in the paranormal space and with that success, we have been eager to bring the genre back to the network for some time," Frontain Bryant said. "Each of these series has a unique point of view, but will collectively give our audience a window into a world of spellbinding stories that have to be seen to be believed."

In an interview with Paranormal Life in 2013, Wilson revealed that while he had stepped away from ghost hunting with the SyFy series in 2012 and leaving co-founder and hunter Jason Hawes to man the ship, he still craved the hunt as ghost hunting was still in his blood.

"I have burning questions that still need answers and there are always people who need help feeling comfortable in their own homes," he admitted at the time, adding how the show was so successful thanks to its frankness when approaching such subject matter. "It's an honest show. We didn't start out seeking to have a television show. We were just people anxious to help people and answer our own questions. In trying to disprove the paranormal, but remaining honest about what we found, it made the show appealing to both believers and non-believers, and I feel that is why it was such a success."


As revealed in a press release from A&E, Ghost Hunters is produced by Lionsgate's Pilgrim Media Group with Craig Piligian and Mike Nichols serving as executive producers, along with Wilson.

Photo credit: Justin Bettman/A&E