'Ghost Hunters' Daryl Marston and Mustafa Gatollari Tease 'Innovative Approaches' in 'Home for the Haunting' Episode (Exclusive)

Featuring all-new back-to-back episodes Wednesday night on A&E, the Ghost Hunters team will surely have dedicated fans excited with its double bill of paranormal investigations, but its second episode of the evening will surely catch audiences off guard. In the season's eighth episode, "Home for the Haunting," team leader Grant Wilson and his crew head to Connecticut to help a single mother and her young son who have both witnessed apparitions and strange activity in their new home.

With the worry that something sinister is happening, the team investigates a long list of claims comprising of cold spots, children's voices and footsteps, but Wilson soon realizes he might know exactly what's going on and devises one of the squad's most interesting tactics to date.

In an exclusive with PopCulture.com ahead of the new episode, paranormal historian and site analyst, Mustafa Gatollari and co-team leader, Daryl Marston share that even with the seven investigators coming to a conclusion they couldn't imagine, it's one they were equally humbled by in helping solve.

"It was a really touching investigation because of the child, Lonnie," Marston told PopCulture.com of the 11-year-old boy haunted by unexplained phenomena. "He's scared of staying in his room, and I think it goes to show that we were able to come in there and help the family."

Marston adds that the investigation really helped the young boy a lot because his mother was really worried about his welfare. "He was scared, and he'd seen things and heard things in the house, and so I think at the end of the day, we really helped this family out," he said. "I'm really proud of this episode because we were able to actually help a child and that's dear to my heart."

Gatollari interjects that by the time the investigation was done, the young boy looked up to the team as "heroes," something they are all greatly incredibly humbled by.

"Anytime you get to be a hero to a kid, that's the kind of stuff you dream about when you're a kid yourself — laying down in bed, looking up at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling in your room, thinking about what life's going to be when you're older," Gatollari laughed with PopCulture.com. "So, it's that kind of very good, wholesome, cheesy, but in a good way, kind of stuff that you always dream of doing."

Considering it a "bucket list" sort of investigation for him, Gatollari adds that on top of such an immense feeling, fans will get a chance to see some novel techniques executed by the team.

"Fans can really expect some innovative approaches to how we use the equipment," Gatollari said of the investigation. "Not to give anything away, but Brandon [Alvis] came up with this really great technique and it turns out that it worked!"

Gatollari says that when something just clicks right during an investigation, it's really exhilarating. "When you have a hypothesis and you test it and it works, that's like, 'Oh my God!' there's no greater feeling. I think that's conveyed on camera too," he said.

The New Jersey native goes on to share that one of the most exciting parts to the investigation at the Connecticut home was also all the research he did, which pointed to some very interesting findings.

"I actually found out a lot about the topography of the place and how the different geographical qualities of the area affects the nature of this haunting," Gatollari said. "We're going to be finding clear evidence of the nature of this type of haunting, which what was my favorite part, in addition to the work that Brandon and I did."

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.


Photo credit: A&E Networks