Amber Portwood's Ex Gary Shirley Weighs in on Her New Relationship

Gary Shirley is revealing his opinion on his ex Amber Portwood’s new relationship.The father of [...]

Gary Shirley is revealing his opinion on his ex Amber Portwood's new relationship.

The father of two spoke with Us Weekly at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday about Portwood's new boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

"I don't know enough of him yet and obviously with everything with [Portwood's ex-fiancé] Matt [Baier], I don't just take it as people tell me," Shirley told the publication. "I have to learn myself, so I don't know yet."

Despite his initial positive feelings towards the relationship, Shirley believes Portwood may have rushed into things. "So far it's good I think," he told Us. "I think she should have waited a little bit and really felt it out, but that's OK."

Earlier this month, Portwood opened up about her new boyfriend. After being seen out with Glennon, she took to Twitter to clap back at her haters.

"There's nothing wrong with dating over 3 months after breaking up with someone," she wrote. "Crazy how people judge and are so quick to talk s--t?"

She also addressed some of the rumors about the new relationship. One fan commented about how Portwood has chosen another older man and she clarified that he is 33, which is only six years her senior.

The 27-year-old mom also lashed out at Teen Mom fans who claimed she was bringing too many men into her daughter Leah's life. Portwood said the only man she had ever introduced to her daughter was Baier, who she ended up dating for more than three years.

Portwood then went on to make one more general statement to her haters as a whole.

"Sad I'm more of a savage than anyone talking about me," she wrote, adding hashtags for the phrases "come get some" and "ready always."

Photo Credit: Twitter / @InTouchWeekly