'Wicked Tuna' Viewers Fire off at 'Game of Thrones' Fans on Twitter During Season 8 Premiere

It is a wild Sunday night in television land and audiences are circling to watch the latest episode of their favorite show. The first thing that might come to mind is the premiere of Game of Thrones, but you'd be wrong. There is a rabid fan base on Twitter making noise right now and they're ready to tune into the newest episode of Wicked Tuna on National Geographic.

Fans of the reality fishing series were quick to flood the hashtag for the HBO fantasy epic, noting that Wicked Tuna was about to begin on NatGeo and it is the superior show.

"The anticipation is killing me. Just 5 minutes until another episode of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, everyone!" one Wicked Tuna fan wrote shortly before the HBO premiere for Game of Thrones.

"Everyone is going to be watching Game of Thrones later while I'm going to be posted up watching [Wicked Tuna]!" Another excited fan wrote on Twitter.

It would seem that fans of the reality series are not as focused on the story of Jon Snow and the battle against the Night King. They'd rather dip their toes in the cool waters of the Atlantic with the crews of The Wicked Pissah, The Hot Tuna, and PinWheel.

"On Sundays we watch Wicked Tuna," another Wicked Tuna fan wrote, while a third just noted that the reality series was greater than the HBO fantasy series in every way.

A few Wicked Tuna fans actually took a few direct shots at HBO with their praise of the reality series, actually attempting to lure in viewers who might be tired of watching Game of Thrones.

In response to the trailer for the premiere episode, one fan wrote, "Or there’s another episode of Wicked Tuna on Nat Geo if you’re tired of this superficial derivative nonsense."

But the bulk of fans just noted that they weren't really interested in dragons, knights, and the undead hordes invading the land of the living. They just wanted to watch some dudes fish and they loved it.

The good news here is that the tension isn't that high between Wicked Tuna fans and those who like Game of Thrones. There were also quite a few who insisted that they could actually watch both shows, leaning heavy onto modern technology in an effort to record them all, plus a few other shows on AMC.


"I am going to watch [Game of Thrones] tonight but taping [Wicked Tuna] so I can watch it right after," a crafty fan shared online. "I feel hooked on them both!"

Just don't think there aren't some Game of Thrones fans who know where their bread is buttered, putting Wicked Tuna on the backburner.