Farrah Abraham Explains What Led to Her Arrest

Farrah Abraham continues to insist that last week's arrest was the result of bullying and harassment on the part of police.

As previously reported, after 1 a.m. Wednesday, June 13, the Teen Mom OG alum was arrested for misdemeanor battery and trespassing after allegedly striking a security guard in the face when he attempted to get her to leave following an altercation with another guest at The Beverly Hills Hotel. She was released from jail on $500 bail the following day.

Friday, Abraham spoke out about her arrest on Stephen Kramer Glickman's The Night Time Show podcast, claiming again that she was the victim of a harassment campaign, as reported by Radar.

When asked to explain her arrest, Abraham said, "I just know and am truthful and am honest about what is….I go out for a dinner meeting and we've been in a hotel all day, the same hotel so it wasn't trespassing. I'm just outside on my own and my friends go to the restroom and then I'm harassed by about four to five police officers and hotel staff, which was mostly in the valet area."

She continued, "And I have to say, I very much try to talk and be as understanding of everybody trying to speak with me but if that was just a normal man or other people on the street interrogating me and they weren't police, I wouldn't have been answering their questions. I wouldn't have allowed them to just take my wallet and look at my stuff. I wouldn't have allowed them to ask me, 'Are you driving?' Are you this, are you that?"

"So me being harassed and then targeted once they've seen my license and know who I am and all they can do is lie — what did they say? I battered, is what I read and I didn't even touch anyone and I was standing outside on my own," she added. "I literally don't know what the situation is everyone is making out to be about me.

Abraham, mother to 9-year-old Sophia, claimed this was all part of an effort to impugn her name as a businesswoman and mom.

"I've never believed the horrible lies that have been said about me and to try to get a mug shot or put me in jail or to do nasty, nasty things to a hardworking single woman…that was really sad," she said.

She even compared herself to controversial figure skating star Tonya Harding, whose career was ended over an assault on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan carried out by her ex-husband and his associates. Her story was told in recent film I, Tonya.

"Watching I, Tonya, all those negatives of attacking somebody who has a success, who has a career, and it was all lies and her career was ruined. I just really felt like, some of those attacks happened to me and it's really, really sad," Abraham said.


Abraham reportedly has a court date scheduled for early August, although she claims that charges have yet to be filed against her.

Photo credit: MTV